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A meeting can make or break a deal. So what you say–and how your say it–is very important.And there ares some things that you should never utter during a meeting.

–“Let me give you some feedback on that…” when you haven’t been asked for feedback. It will be seen as a slight. “If you’re not willing to offer some solutions and move the discussion forward, keep your feedback to yourself,” reports Inc.

— “I already sent you an email.” You’re in a meeting for reason–to have a face-to-face. “Instead of implying the person should read their email more closely, just go ahead and summarize the topic right then,” reports Inc.

–“Here’s what’s wrong with your project.” Give some constructive criticism; tell the person what your liked and what you would like to see more of. “If someone wants to meet you to work on a project they want to know that you like or better yet, love their baby,” reports Park On The Lot.

–“Let’s find a real expert.” Talk about a diss. Meetings are supposed to be used for people to offer opinions and ideas. Dismissing those present is certainly not a way to inspire creative dialogue. “Insisting that no one present is qualified enough to provide the right perspective almost immediately shuts down discussion. Sure, you might have some scenarios in which it would be helpful to have an outside perspective, but announce this at your own risk. It’s easy to sound like the jerk who doubts everyone’s credentials,” reports Inc.

–“Let’s have a follow-up meeting.” Unless you have given out some tasks to be done that will need updates, meeting are used to resolve issues. You don’t want to be trapped in a cycle of useless and unproductive meetings. Use meetings to make decisions and to take action.

–“How much am I going to get paid?” Let’s not jump the gun! Have the meeting, see if the client is going to use your services and only then do you talk money. Say something like: “I’d love to work with you, when would you like to discuss compensation,” reports Park On The Lot.

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