Things You Realize You’ve Missed Once You Become Single — Like Not Shaving Every Day

March 17, 2014  |  
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The first few days (or weeks) after a breakup you’re certain that the split was nothing but a bad thing. All you can focus on is what you lost. But, eventually, you start to remember the little things that make being single not so bad. In fact, there are things you missed while in a relationship!





Great sleep

Maybe you thought you slept well next to your boyfriend, but daaaamn do you sleep well on your own! Nobody getting up in the middle of the night to pee, waking you up. Nobody you have to wait for to get in bed who is taking forever to brush his teeth. Nobody taking up half the bed! Now this is good sleep. And, good sleep is life changing. Like, turns you from the wicked witch into the energizer bunny. It almost makes you feel as happy and calm as love did…

Saying yes to spontaneous invitations

If you’re taking a night class and your classmates invite you out to a bar afterwards, you can just say yes! There is nobody waiting at home for you. There is nobody who will ask “Who are you at a bar with??”

Letting guys develop crushes on you

When you were in a relationship and a guy flirted with you, to have a good conscience, you had to tell him you had a boyfriend so that he could direct his attentions elsewhere.  But now that you’re single, you can let guys develop HUGE crushes on you and enjoy the attention.

Getting hit on

You can let a guy spit his entire game, pull out all the stops, and be completely charming, and you do not have to stop him to say, “Sorry: I have a boyfriend.” Nope: you can enjoy the whole ride. Even if you’re not interested, it’s still fun to have someone fight for you.




Spending quality time with your pet

You didn’t realize how little you’d seen your dog during your relationship! You were just rushing home to feed him before going over to your guy’s house! And you were cuddling with your guy in front of a movie instead of with your pet! And you were giving your pooch a quick walk on a Saturday before leaving to the beach all day with your man. It feels good to spend the whole day making your dog happy now, taking him on long walks and hanging at the dog park.

Being set up by your friends

It’s actually a lot of fun to go to a party and realize your friends have told all the eligible men there all about you. You feel like the bell of the ball.







Not shaving. Like ever.

Showers take half as long! You don’t have to apply aftershave to your legs that then feels all sticky under your pants. You don’t need to deal with razor burn in awkward places. You don’t have to pay for razors!

Actively pursuing male friendships

You hung out with your male friends while you were in a relationship, but not really. You felt guilty about spending too much time with other guys, when you had a significant other. Now, you feel free to see your male friends as much as you want! And they’re a good time!

Indulging in full on fantasies about other guys

When you were in a relationship, if you found yourself fantasizing about another guy for a second you’d stop yourself. Now, you can just let your imagination get the best of you. And that is fun.

Letting your apartment get messy

You don’t need to clean the inside of the toilet bowl—nobody is using it besides you! And you don’t need to clean the sheets the “standard” amount of times a month. You’re the only one sleeping in them!

Not being secretive about going to the bathroom

You can do your business whenever you want—you don’t need to pretend you’re showering, and you don’t need to run to the drugstore to do it.




Always having a reason to get dressed up

When you were in a relationship, you saw no reason to get all dolled up if you weren’t seeing your guy. In fact, you almost felt you weren’t supposed to. But now, simply leaving the house is reason enough to wear the clothes you love, do your hair and makeup and feel hot. You never know whom you might meet!





You can let guys buy you drinks

When you were in a relationship, you felt guilty letting a guy buy you a drink. You knew he wasn’t going to get any. Now, who knows? Maybe he well, maybe he won’t. He can buy you a drink and find out.




You can go anywhere you want on the weekends

You can book up every weekend with road trips and flights to visit friends you’ve been meaning to see for years! You don’t need to coordinate schedules with anybody else, and you don’t need to make sure your friends are cool with you bringing a plus one.


You set your own schedule

You go to bed when you want—not at 10 pm because your partner has to get up early. You can sleep until whenever you want. You can eat whenever you want, workout whenever you want, see a movie whenever you want. The day is your oyster!

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