You Would Not Believe Where I Found My Man At 3 A.M.

March 11, 2014  |  


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It was one of those snowy and frigid Friday nights when I had absolutely no desire to leave my apartment. And neither did my roommates. So we all decided to crack open a huge bottle of Ciroc I received as a Christmas gift, pretended to be snowed in and got toasty. Two cocktails in, my flavor-of-the-month (aka Korey, everyone’s favorite disappearing boyfriend) text me, asking me if we could hang out. My inebriated fingers tapped away on my iPhone and before I could even logically process the answer he deserved (hell no), I was telling him to come over and bring party favors. Blame it on the alcohol.

Even though my roommates weren’t Korey’s biggest fan, their pending drunkenness make it easier for him to walk through our front door an hour later, ready to party with us. “The gentle giant!” My roomie, Lisa cooed when she opened the the door and spotted Korey’s staggering 6’4″ frame. Korey smiled, revealing those pearly whites against his ebony skin–the color combination alone was enough to make me weak. They hugged.

I nearly tackled Korey, hugging him like he’d just come back from war. “Y’all already toasted?” Korey laughed, watching my eyes dance around his face. “I brought the favors,” he said pulling out a small bag of Mary Jane. I took his coat, draped it over my arm. A small sandwich bag filled with white capsules hit the floor. I didn’t even notice and almost stepped on it, but Korey put his arm in front of me, “Hold on babe…” He reached down and picked up the packet of pills, “These ain’t for y’all, unless y’all trying to party…?” He tilted his head back and gave us all questioning glances with one eye brow raised.

My roommate, Lisa scrunched up her face and shook her head, “No thanks, I’m going to bed soon. Party time almost over for me,” she said in a fake island accent.

Korey laughed, “Kim?” he asked my other roommate.

Kim perked up, as she was pregaming and had plans to paint Brooklyn red that night. “Uhm, mayyyybe, but I am headed out and don’t want to be the only one who’s…well, on something,” she laughed.

Korey slipped the pills back into the secret pocket in his coat. “I know you don’t do this,” he smiled and patted me on the butt. “Unless…” he trailed off, his eyes glued to my butt as I walked down the hall to hang his coat.

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