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Late last week, Jason Weaver asked a question that some people wanted to but didn’t have the guts to after the release of rapper Lil Boosie from prison:

“I’m sorry man, but why can’t we celebrate young black men who have stayed OUT of prison?”

In a full post on his Instagram page (which you can read here), he wondered why the same enthusiasm that overtook social media last week when Boosie became a free man couldn’t be applied to more positive happenings in the black community. Some people agreed, others understood what he was saying but said that people should celebrate what they want, and then others were very much against Weaver’s comments:

Ni**a . How many pictures do you have of people getting high school diplomas? Serious question. Granted you posted Martin Luther King, but you have half naked women and tupac up there, you can’t judge you ain’t God

These white folks are killing our youth and getting away with it and you up here using your platform to talk negative on us because one of our people is getting out of prison!!! You need to look in the mirror and see who the Coon is!!

Mr WASHED UP! weaver u must remember that man have kids that r home waiting for him so before u talk that coon s**t keep in mind what’s a coon correct ur self and look at ur photo album!

He received quite a bit of flack since posting his original statement on March 6, even though this isn’t the first time he’s said something about foolishness in hip-hop culture. But since then, he’s responded on Facebook, and said that all he did was speak the truth.

Well…Looks like the kid kicked up a lil bit of dust yesterday with a post that I placed on Instagram. First and foremost, let me say that..I will NOT retract my statement from that earlier post, nor will I apologize for saying what I said. I only spoke THE TRUTH whether it offended some people or not. Also, for those of you who thought that I was personally attacking brotha Boosie..Then you OBVIOUSLY didn’t actually read the post or you may just be slower than others when it comes t…

Sorry, but that’s all that came out of the post because it seems that while he won’t retract his original statement, he did delete this message from his Facebook page. He did, however, carry on with his thoughts on people being confused about what he said while chatting with followers on Instagram.

Smh.. Regardless of whatever comments “some” may post, I don’t feel any resentment toward those people. I understand what’s goin on. They’re YOUNG! I’m fine with that though! I want them to be fired up about somethin! I want them to THINK! To DEBATE amongst one another. Intellectual conversation! No matter how harsh the words! Feel me?

What do you make of what he had to say and the negative response he received from some of Boosie’s fans?

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