Hot Or Hmm: Brandi and Karli Harvey Discuss Fashion Fails & Fabulousness

March 9, 2014  |  

Twin sisters Brandi and Karli Harvey must be celebrating the recent release of Lil Boosie because when they took the Disney Dreamers Academy stage for their Fly Girl 101 session, they came out dancing to “Wipe Me Down.” Needless to say, at 9 o clock in the morning, they had their audience, a group of teenage girl’s attention. Brandi and Karli, Steve’s daughters, are the founders, CEO and CreatIve and Artistic Director of Young Fit and Fly. They serve as entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and media mavens across the country attempting to inspire and encourage young women. Today they were speaking about appropriate dress attire. They spent a majority of the session discussing looks with very clever “Hot” or “Hmm” paddles.

The girls were very engaged and provide interesting reasons why they didn’t or didn’t like a particular outfit. After their presentation, I had a chance to speak with the sisters. See what information they had to share about their style inspiration, fashion faux pas women make too often and why dressing well is so important.


MadameNoire: Who taught you to dress appropriately?

Brandi: Our mother taught us. Our mother’s name is Marcia and she taught us how to dress appropriately. Because she was our example. We never saw our mom in jeans.

Karlie: I think kids become what they see. And so for us, she was a great example of finer womanhood. She taught us what was appropriate, proper etiquette and everything.


MN: Did you actually listen to what she was saying? 

Both: No! Of course not.

Brandi: We thought she was crazy.

Karli: We don’t listen our parents when we’re teenagers. Then you’re like ‘Oh my God she was right.’ She’s not a crazy lady.

Brandi: I think when we were younger we wanted to dress like our friends. We always tell the story about the patent leather shoes and she always told us that ‘If somebody else has it, you don’t want it.’ You don’t want to look like somebody else. We always had that embedded in us. So we could never dress like everybody else. When we were teenagers– I think– the way people see us now, is they way we were. They used to call us the corporate twins in high school because we used to go to school in our slacks and our dresses and we wore little heeled boots. This is nothing new for us. They’d be like ‘here come the corporate twins coming down the hallway.’ It’s just something that we have always had.


MN: During the session, one of the girls said she looks up to Kim Kardashian and Rihanna for style tips. Where can young girls go to find women who look cute and fresh but still classy?

Brandi: Unfortunately, those aren’t the women that are showcased. Those aren’t the women that get the shine. There are plenty of women that they can look to. Looking at their principals, the ladies in their churches, their teachers, the ladies in the community, the ladies who they see getting on the train in the morning going to work, who look professional. When they flip through Essence Magazine and see those ladies. Those are the women.

Karli: And I think right now they have a great example in Lupita Nyong’o. She just won the Oscar, she always looks graceful she always looks cut for the level of class and sophistication. And I think as a young person, that’s someone that girls can actually look to for fashion. I think she gives it to you in a way that’s timeless and elegant.

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