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March 7, 2014  |  
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Last night was crazy right?! Andrew and Mellie, Olivia’s feelings for someone else, Huck and that coffee, Abby saving her man. There’s a lot to talk about. Let’s go.

Olivia tells Fitz why she chose Jake

At the top of this episode Fitz and Olivia sound like he and Mellie–an old married couple– arguing, except with more passion. And they’re not discussing campaign strategy, they’re talking about their own twisted relationship. Fitz is basically jealous that Olivia and Jake are now an item– even if it is just for play play. She tells Fitz that this move is not about him or Jake even. It’s about reaching the goals she had for herself. (Perhaps she has been internalizing Daddy Pope’s words.) She also lets him know that she wants to make up for that time she and the rest of the crew rigged an election. “I cannot honestly win a presidential election if I am your public whore.” 

Andrew’s pushin’ up

Andrew is not here to play no games. He’s gunning for Mellie…hard. Every chance he gets he’s telling her how beautiful she is and how happy he is to be around her these days. In a series of flashbacks we see just how intimate their relationship really is. Not only has Andrew overheard some pretty nasty fights between she and Fitz, he was also the one to save her from overdosing on oxycontin, in an attempt to commit suicide. And in a move that surely surprised me, Andrew seems to be the only person who knows about the rape and the fact that her son might not actually be her husband’s child. Poor Mellie, she’s been through hell and back.

The L Word

In the morning before Abby and David jump up and go about their lives, fixing the mess that is Washington D.C., she’s stroking David’s hair and tells him very casually that she loves him. Instead of reciprocating, he jumps out of bed to answer a phone call from James.

James is Shook

And speaking of James I have to give him a side eye too. Of course Cyrus is dirty than fresh mud on a white tee but can we all agree that we don’t want to see him go down? That’s my boo, with his crazy self. So I have to admit I took a bit of pleasure in seeing James panic–repeatedly–as he thought Cyrus was going to learn of his betrayal. He ought to be scared too. Everyone knows Cyrus is corrupt but if James knew of the assassination attempt he’d already ordered, he would have never tried to investigate Daniel’s death.

Quinn gets Caught…Again

By now it’s painfully and annoyingly clear that Quinn doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing. And since she’s so incompetent, it came as no surprise that Olivia caught her spying on she and her father as they ate dinner. SMH, Quinn had binoculars big and bold as day out for everyone to see. That’s why Charlie can’t take her no where. Anyway, Olivia gets in the car and after she scolds her for being simple, she tells her to come back home, meaning Pope and Associates. Quinn is not trying to hear it. She reminds Olivia of the way Huck treated her, saying:

“He licked my face like I was a piece of meat, like I wasn’t human to him.”

Yeah he really did do that.

And Quinn can’t stomach that betrayal, so she takes it out on Olivia telling her,

“Get out of my car or I’ll shoot you.”

Once Olivia leaves, Quinn kind of breaks, shedding a couple of tears. I know many of you have no sympathy for her character at this point but I felt sorry for her. She lost her friend.

Mellie Checks Olivia 

In the midst of all of this, we learn that someone is trying to sabotage Fitz’ reelection campaign by claiming Andrew, his future FBI,, was addicted to oxycontin. Though he’s willing to own up to it, we eventually learn that he was covering for Mellie, who was attempting to take her life after the rape from her father law. Once Olivia learns that he would do that for her, she figures there’s more than just friendship between Mellie and Andrew. And in a moment of sheer hypocrisy, she tells Mellie that the “affair” they have going on must end. Mellie gets her right.

“When I was faced with the chance to cheat, I kept my knees together and I said no. We are not the same.”

Some are arguing that it’s unfair that Mellie gets to the pristine, victim on the pedestal while Olivia is the home wrecking “whore.” It definitely crossed my mind but we’ll see how this plays out.

Abby Rescues David 

It’s clear that David might need to chill on chasing down these political corruption stories. He almost got himself caught up in a trick bag. When he went to meet that reporter with an exclusive on Daniel’s death, Charlie was waiting for him. Luckily, before he could see him arrive, two masked people threw a hood over David’s head and tossed him into the truck of a car. While he was tucked away inside there, he calls Abby and tells her he loves her and says he should have said it earlier. How sweet…and twisted. A couple of seconds later, the trunk opens and Abby reveals it was she who kidnapped him. Love that Abby plays the knight saving David, the damsel in distress.

The Coffee

Huck was acting so weird last night. Yes, Huck is always weird but last night was a different kind of odd. He kept bringing Olivia cups of coffee, knowing she doesn’t drink it. When she finally asked him why he kept doing that, he told her. “It’s a gesture. It means I’m sorry about Quinn. You’re mad at me and I need you to stop being mad at me because I don’t like it.”

Then Olivia tells him that she thinks he went too far with Quinn. And that’s when Huck had to let her know just because she took a monster in, petted it, fed it and gave it a good home, it doesn’t mean that he’s a puppy now. He’s still a monster. And he told her last night, “You should have never given me someone to love. Monsters eat people Liv, it’s what we do.”


Huck is so broken but we love him anyway.

Idle threats

Since Fitz and Olivia argued earlier on in the episode, she’s kept it strictly business. In fact, she won’t even look at Fitz for real. So finally he tells her he doesn’t want to talk shop any more and asks her what’s going on. She tells him,“I can’t spend my time worrying about you. It has to be about what I want, what I need.” It’s true, but what are the chances on her following through with this. This isn’t the first time Olivia has said that she needs to protect herself.

Does Jake have a chance?

We love how Jake handled things this episode. Not only did he put up a little fuss about being Olivia’s personal pawn/fake boyfriend, he also told her to “Stock your damn fridge. Wine is not beer and popcorn is most definitely not food.” True story. I told y’all long ago, we’ve never seen Olivia eat. But one of the most interesting moments of the night came when the president asked Olivia whether or not she had feelings for Jake and she said honestly, she didn’t know. #TeamJake over here. It’s a start and the man is fake living in her house.

Mama Pope

Just last week, the water cooler talk at the office went something like this, “Where is Olivia’s mom?!” So we’re just going to abandon that storyline? Y’all know Shonda won’t leave those loose ends hanging for too long. And here we were thinking that the lady had fled Washington. But instead she’s been here the whole time coaching Adnan Salif on what seems like a plot to take down Fitz’s administration. While Fitz is instructing Cyrus not to take money from Doyle, he’s got a par it of terrorists sitting at the table.

And on another note, some are even speculating that Mama Pope and Adnan are carrying on a relationship of their own, suggesting that this is her “I know what you taste like face.” LOL We’ll just have to wait and see.

What did you think about last night’s episode? What were your favorite moments?

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