What’s Happening To Me!? What It Means When You Have These Aches And Pains

March 6, 2014  |  
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When it comes to your body, sometimes your mind can play tricks on you and what you think is happening, really isn’t. Other times, your body can really be playing tricks on you. Certain pains come and go, other annoying aches can happen to you often and you want to know what the deal is. Like Sway, I don’t have all the answers (get it? Kanye? No? Okay…), but I’ve had most of these conditions and the symptoms that came before the realization of it. If you’re feeling the following aches and pains and you’re wondering what the deal is, or why these things happen, I have a few answers (but a doctor has ALL of them).

Annoying Pain In Your Toe? Ingrown Toenail

This happens to me quite often. There you are, minding your business, and then all of a sudden the nail on your big toe is throbbing. For certain people who run a lot, it could be an early sign that you could end up with black toe nails, and for others, it could be serious things like fungal infections are painful injuries you didn’t realize you had. But for many of us, it’s an annoying ingrown toenail. There are quite a few ways to get rid of an ingrown toenail aside from surgery (which you can see here), but to prevent it, it’s recommended that you make sure your shoes are the right fit, and also, that you are trimming your toenails straight across. If your toenails are cut into a round shape, they might have an easier opening to grow into your skin, causing that irritating soreness.

Why Does Your Foot Fall Asleep?

What’s that prickly pain in your foot about?

When too much pressure is put on your arm or leg (or any limb) for quite a bit of time, arteries can become compressed, or your nerve pathways can become blocked, both things causing your body to be unable to supply your cells with nutrients, or making it hard to send electrochemical impulses to your brain. When this happens, certain impulses can stop working, or fire too much, sending off mixed signals that cause that prickly “pain” in your limb. Get up and move ASAP!

White Spots On Your Nails

If you’ve looked down at your nails and noticed a tiny, or big white spot on your nails, it might be a cause of trauma to the nail–not necessarily a calcium deficiency like I was always led to believe. But no worries, it’s not anything very serious, it usually just means there was pressure or trauma to your nail plate, or from biting your nails. These spots, also known as “milk spots” or leukonychia, usually go away after a while as your nail grows completely.


Charley Horse

So you feel that horrible contraction in your muscles upon waking up or while you’re sleeping, huh? For some, it can be from an injury to the muscles, or something as simple as sleeping with your legs in a weird way, pregnancy, and more. But one big reason I’ve found for my own Charley horses was dehydration. A lack of water and exhausted muscles are a bad combination, and will have you writhing in pain in your bed.


Have a hard bump that is sore to the touch? Not to get all TMI with you, but boils can form on different parts of the body, including around your vaginal area when there’s a lot of hair down there–i.e., an ingrown hair. They’re also common in the arm pits, on the butt, the face and more. Boils usually pop up when bacteria comes into the skin through a scrape or cut and enters a hair follicle. They can also occur when acne that is clogged becomes infected.


The huge pimple-like bump under your eyelid that is messing with your vision and is sore is probably a stye. They aren’t contagious like warts, thank goodness, but they’re a pain in the butt. Styes usually start either internally or externally. The external styes often are a staph infection close to your eyelash. When the stye swells or gets infected or even clogged, it causes that pain and fills with pus that eventually drains out. Many styes can be seen, while others are not visible externally. The internal ones are a bit more serious and a lot more painful. If you feel this strong pain but don’t see any pus that can be drained, a doctor’s visit is in order.

Your Nails Are Brittle And They Aren’t Growing

Just as stress can affect hair growth (and cause hair loss), stress can also stunt nail growth. So if your nails are brittle, breaking and as big of a mess as you appear to be during a tough time, your stress could be hindering your nail growth. As clinical nutritionist Alison Held put it, “Stress can lead to brittle nails.┬áStress depletes our bodies of nutrients, robbing our system of the nutrients we need to handle stress.”

Your Stomach Aches After Eating Dairy

If it happens often, it’s probably not just gas. Welcome to the lactose intolerance club, girl! When I was younger I used to drink a gang of milk, especially chocolate milk. I would ask my classmates in high school if they were going to drink their chocolate milks, and if not, I drank them down like water. But as I got older, drinking milk, eating ice cream and even downing milk chocolate, became a painful experience. And for me, it was a genetic thing, while for others, it can be caused by the body creating less lactase. When I found out that I was lactose intolerant, soon after, I had to revert to almond milk, soy milk, or just lactose-free options like delicious Lactaid. I will, however, make a sacrifice from time to time for some delicious Coldstone ice cream…

So Your Tooth Stinks…

If you’re dealing with a tooth that gives off a stench, from personal experience, that’s not a good sign and you should head to the dentist. A smelly tooth can be a sign of infection. The tooth I had that was smelling also was throbbing on and off before I finally sought help from a dentist. My tooth was infected and it was because I needed a root canal. Don’t wait too long to do something when you notice these types of issues, because they can turn deadly when the infection spreads.

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