Hocus Pocus! Have A Few Tricks Up Your Sleeve For A Successful Job Interview

March 4, 2014  |  

Looking to take your job interviewing skills to the next level? There are a few tricks that help you stand out from the sea of job seekers, reports the Personal Branding Blog.

Research, research, research! Just landing an interview isn’t enough. Find out as much as you can about the company and the position. You will be armed with this knowledge and be able to ask  impressive questions–as well as answer knowingly.

“By learning about the company’s recent direction and plans for the future, you gain a key piece of insight as to how you can help build momentum in the position,” reports the blog.

Observe your interviewer and take their lead. Recruiters love it when interviewees can follow the interviewer’s cues. Research has found that “candidates who perhaps seem like less than perfect fits on paper come through interviews with flying colors when they successfully engage on an interpersonal level with the interviewer,” reports  the blog.

So be flexible and adapt to each interview.

Think of your interviewer as a client. For clients you always put your best foot forward. Do the same in your interview.  “You would never dream of not following up with a client or potential client, or not thanking them for their time,” notes Personal Branding.

And as you would for a client, ask your interviewer what her  priorities for the job are as well as the main challenges they need you to address if you get the position.

Three tips we would add to this list:

Trust yourself. Part of being a natural during your job interview is to trust in your knowledge. While research will give you things to memorize, your experience will provide you with the on-the-spot remarks you need to truly show that you’re a critical thinker with a solid grasp of the industry and the job you’re applying for.

Refer to something you saw in the news. Make sure it comes out organically, but try to slip in something you’ve seen about the company or the industry in the news. It shows that you’re keeping up-to-date, but also demonstrates a genuine interest in the area you work in. People respond positively to passion.

Make sure you’ve got a strong handshake. It sounds small, but when someone offers a “dead fish” handshake, it sticks with you. Make sure you’re not squeezing the life out of someone’s hand. (That sticks with them too.) But make sure your handshake, the only physical contact that you should have with an interviewer, makes a powerful impression. “A cool hand, a firm grasp, a reasonably timed eye-lock and a few ups and downs of the other person’s five digits give a better first impression.And women — don’t be afraid of offering a strong, assertive handshake!” ABC News says, adding that some see it as a reflection of your personality.

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