Signs Your Breakup Was Actually A Good Thing

March 6, 2014  |  
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We’re conditioned by movies to believe that we have to be devastated after a breakup, that it will be months — if not years — before we can see the light of day again. But you know what? Sometimes a relationship ends up being nothing but a drain on your life and you’re surprisingly okay when it’s over. Here are 14 signs your breakup was definitely a good thing! So don’t second-guess yourself!

You feel sexay

You’re suddenly realizing that, damn you’re hot! You feel like going shopping, showing off your curves, getting dressed up and being seen every night. When you’re with someone who doesn’t appreciate you, you forget to appreciate yourself! And when that relationship ends, you suddenly see how amazing you are again.







You’re sleeping really well

When you feel emotionally relaxed you become very physically relaxed, and you sleep like a baby! When you’re not sure if you should have let a relationship go, you toss and turn. But if you’re snoozing better than ever, that’s your intuition telling you that you did the right thing.

You feel excited to do things

You suddenly want to take swing-dancing classes and try funky new bars and go sky diving! You have the energy and interest to do these things. That’s because your spirit has been woken up by this breakup! Rather than crushed.








You’re already interested in other guys

When you partially still want an ex back, flirting with new guys makes you depressed. But if you’re truly interested in talking to new men, enjoy it! Clearly the last guy didn’t leave enough of an impression on you or give you enough to miss.





You enjoy bars/clubs

If you really didn’t want to let a relationship go, crowded singles scenes like bars can be depressing—you suddenly feel like a dime a dozen. But when you’re happy to be free, being around people invigorates you!

You don’t mind seeing pictures of him

You don’t have to throw away or hide all memories of him. You can look at a picture of the two of you and remember the happiness you felt that day with no sadness.






You’ve barely cried

You’ve tried and you’ve tried, but the tears just won’t come. Because this isn’t a tragedy! You didn’t lose anything: you gained your freedom and your future!


You’re only remembering the bad times

Your memories are mainly comprised of the fights and the negative feelings you had in the relationship. That’s because you’re very, very clear on the fact that it was more of a bad thing than a good thing—and it’s hard to miss something that was predominantly bad.

You feel like exercising

You suddenly have all of this energy and want to jog every day or take tennis lessons! When you’re emotionally energized, you become physically energized.









You have a healthy appetite

You have been there: a bad breakup leaves you with zero appetite. But if you still have just as healthy an appetite as ever, that’s because this breakup was a healthy thing!




Nobody is shocked

None of your friends or family batted an eyelash or even pretended to gasp when you told them it was over.






Nobody is disappointed

Nobody is saying anything like “What a shame…” or “We really liked you two together…”

You feel closer to your friends

You’re suddenly overwhelmed with love for your friends! When you’re in a bad relationship, your ability to feel pathways of love gets hindered. But when you’re free of that bad relationship, your heart feels very open again and you feel so much love for the important people in your life!

You have a new passion for your work

Far from wanting to call in sick, you can’t wait to go to work! You’re full of ideas and energy. A bad relationship will drain you of creativity, and will somehow make you stop focusing on your own individual growth. So when you’re free of that relationship, you get all the energy back to focus on yourself.

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