Booze, Betrayals & Bedfellows: “Scandal” 311 Recap

February 28, 2014  |  
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Aaahh it’s so nice to have “Scandal” back on the air. Now, we’ll have something to talk about Fridays in the office. And after last night’s episode, “Ride, Sally Ride,” there’s much to discuss. But you all don’t need a lengthy intro, let’s get into last night’s most memorable moments.

Olivia Tonguing the President Down

The opening scene of this episode gave us an update on how Olivia and Fitz are doing now that she’s his campaign manager. Quite well in fact. And discretion is almost completely out the window. The two were making out all in the Oval Office, in the middle of the work day. Messy, messy. And I know I’m not the only one who saw Fitz reaching for Olivia’s booty.

Sally’s Balls

If anyone exhibited the most guts last night it was Sally Langston. The woman is ruthless. Not only is she shirking responsibility for killing her husband, “I didn’t murder my husband. The devil murdered my husband when he snuck inside of me.” Girl. That defense certainly won’t hold up in court. But she won’t let that hold her back. Not only is she going to declare herself independent and run for the presidency, she’s going to remain in the White House, fulfilling her duties as Vice President while she plots against Fitz.


Fitz is drinking again

As you may have guessed, Fitz was not to happy to learn of Sally’s plan. And while all of his advisors were running around trying to figure out a strategy to deal with all of this, Fitz was throwing a tantrum… and glasses. Had Cyrus not ducked at just the right moment, he would have walked out of the Oval with a gash in his head. Such a child. They had to run and get Olivia to calm his fool self down.

Daddy Pope

Rowan Pope, Joe Morton, delivered another Emmy worthy dialogue when he expressed his anger at being booted from B613. “The man who defiled you, defiled an organization I dedicated my soul to.” He told Olivia, just so she could be the first to know that he had every intention of getting back at Fitz. He read Olivia for being naive claiming she was playing a minefield thinking they were daisies. He shared that when Fitz had him imprisoned, he made sure to tell him how Olivia tastes. And then he basically told her he was going to use her against Fitz and kill him. Boop. Olivia gasps and says, “You wouldn’t.” Clearly, she still hasn’t quite grasped who her father is. We’ve yet to see Rowan kill anyone but he’ll certainly plan it.

Quinn hits a new low

I don’t know why I continue to be shocked by Quinn’s shenanigans. As one of our Twitter followers reminded me last night, “Quinn done lost her mind long time ago.” True story. But last night, in an attempt to keep Cyrus’ name clean in the murder of Sally’s husband, she went so far as kidnapping the child of the medical examiner so she would lie about the true nature of Daniel’s death.

Ladies That Lunch

Mellie really thinks she’s slick. But we love it though. She’ll do a helluva lot to keep Fitz’s name clear and in the office. And since the press was starting to zone in on Olivia, speculating that she is indeed Fitz’s mistress, Mellie invites her to lunch. That way people will think she’s not a threat. “My husband can’t be sleeping with you if we’re friends. I would never embrace Fitz’s whore.” It was basically a lunch of shade and smiles. During this time Mellie also presents Olivia with a list of men she should be photographed dating so people won’t become to suspicious of this Olitz affair.

Harrison gets some

Harrison has been shook for quite some time now. He’s been asking that Adnan Salif, someone who he knew from a past life not be allowed to return to the country. But he apparently didn’t know the right people. So, he had to protect himself in the meantime. He took a gun, after a crash course in safety from Abby, and kept his eyes peeled. But that person showed up and Salif is a woman. And not just any woman. A woman who clearly knows her way around Harrison’s body. He held that gun up for all of two seconds before the two were humping on the desk. While we’re happy to see Harrison with a “love” interest, we hope he’s not out here making stupid decisions and doesn’t end up getting got.


“I won’t win without you.”

Now that Sally has decided to leave the party and run on her own, Fitz needs to choose a new VP. And he suggests his old pal Governor Andrew Nichols. Immediately, the Gladiators start their digging. Trying to figure out if Nichols has any dirt on his name and whether he’ll be a good fit. After speaking with him, Olivia’s gut tells her that something’s not right about this dude. But when she tells Fitz, he’s not trying to hear it. Olivia then says that she needs to resign as his campaign manager because the rumors of their affair, would hurt his chances of winning. He tells her that she can’t leave. Not because he doesn’t want to be without her but because he’s sure he won’t win the election without her. Sigh. Boy, I tell you Fitz is all about maintaining the presidency and not so much about being with Olivia. Later, Olivia tells Jake that, kind of as an aside, that Vermont is getting further and further away. Then the two are photographed together so the country will believe they’re dating now.


And here we were thinking James was a ride or die type of dude. Turns out Cyrus’ pimping him out was the straw that broke the camel’s back. And while he’s pretending like everything is cool at home, he’s actually putting in overtime trying to sabotage his husband. He’s been sending leading text messages to reporters and has even presented David with quite a bit of damning evidence against Cy. But it hasn’t worked thus far. Something tells us he’s going to keep trying…until Cyrus finally shuts him down.

Mellie and Andrew 

Maybe Olivia’s gut told her to leave Andrew alone was because she had an inkling that he had an anterior motive. And sure enough, when he told Olivia that he lost the love of his life, he was talking about Mellie, his homeboy’s wife. We have to admit we’re happy Mellie is about to get broke off. She deserves it. And as someone mentioned, Mellie proves that women do indeed cheat better. While the whole country suspects Fitz and Olivia, no one knew about Mellie’s extracurriculars. Go’n head girl.

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