Things You Need To Allow Your Man To Do With His Female Friends

March 4, 2014  |  
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If you’re a woman who struggles with jealousy issues, but is trying to work on them, here’s a little help: you can’t actually get angry at your boyfriend for saying these things to his female friends or doing these things with them/for them. Sorry, but you have to be cool about it!




Tell them they’re a catch

Every woman needs to be reminded she’s a catch sometimes! And it’s even more encouraging coming from a guy. Your boyfriend is allowed to perk up his single female friend by reminding her someone (else) would be lucky to have her.


Pay for their drinks

It’s the sign of a true gentleman when a man buys drinks for a woman he knows he won’t be sleeping with. Be proud of your guy for paying for drinks for a lady who otherwise has nobody taking her out right now.






Tell them they look gorgeous

You tell your male friends, co-workers and brothers they look handsome when they get all dressed up, to boost their confidence in talking to women! And your guy can do the same for his female friends. It’s nice for them to get the male perspective on their outfit.







Tell other guys to back off

Your guy isn’t jealous if he tells a creeper to leave his female friend alone: he’s just being a good guy and using his “scarier” male presence to help her out.

Help them with their career

Any good friend would do what they could to help their friend’s career out. Your guy can absolutely invite his female friend on work trips, or to networking parties, and he can email them, answering their questions about job interviews etc.


Meet with them for a drink

Sorry, but your guy is allowed to meet alone for a drink with his female friends. Sometimes you need to catch up with a friend, without your partner there. It’s just different: you know it to be true from your own friendships.

Dance with them if they’re solo

It’s no fun being single at a party where there are all couples dancing! Your guy can totally grab his female friend and drag her out on the dance floor for a few songs, until another guy swoops in.

Email them helpful articles

When you see an article that you think would help a friend out, or cheer them up, or teach them something they’re curious to know, you send it—you’re not flirting. And neither is your guy if he sees an article that reminds him of his female friend, and sends it to her.

Hug them/kiss them on the cheek

This is completely acceptable—yes, even the kiss on the cheek. In most countries, it’s strange to not kiss someone on the cheek when greeting them.




Go with them as a “plus one”

Sometimes a girl just needs someone to fill the seat next to her at a wedding or company party so she doesn’t look totally pathetic, and doesn’t leave herself open to be hit on my men preying on lonely women. Your guy can be that someone, and it’s not cheating.

Cheer them up

You should be thrilled to see your guy bringing DVDs and ice cream over to his heartbroken female friend’s house: that just means he’ll be amazing at cheering you up when you’re down!

Drive them home

Maybe you don’t like the idea of your guy alone in a car with a drunk (and possibly horny) woman, but would you rather he was the type of guy who was okay with letting a drunk woman take a cab home alone? Or walk home? Or go home with a stranger?

Help them move

You might be thinking, “Hey! He is my mover!” It’s okay: he will still help you move when the time comes too. But don’t you remember how tough it was when you were single and moving apartments and struggled to find guys who’d help you for free?

Listen to their relationship problems

Just because a woman airs out her relationship (or breakup) issues to your guy,= doesn’t mean she’s trying to get him to feel so sorry for her that he sleeps with her. She probably just wants a male perspective.

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