Oprah And Gayle Are Lesbian Lovers And 14 Other Ridiculous Celebrity Rumors

March 4, 2014  |  
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Did you believe any of these? Better yet, can you believe any of these ridiculous celebrity rumors even got off the ground?

Beyonce’s Sleeping With the President

This rumor started in France when Photographer Pascal Rostain told the French newspaper Le Figaro that a story about President Obama and Beyonce would hit the presses:

“It’ll go out tomorrow [Tuesday, Feb. 11] in the Washington Post . . . I can assure you that the world will talk about it.

“We should not forget Marilyn [Monroe] or Monica Lewinsky. You can be the president of the first world power — that doesn’t make you any less a man.”

Thankfully the Washington Post said that they didn’t have any time for the paparazzi’s foolishness and refused to print the story.

Kerry Washington’s Husband is Gay

We don’t know what Scandal fans have against Nnamdi Asomugha and Kerry Washington. First they said that their marriage was a fake, and now they’re saying that maybe the marriage is real but Nnamdi is definitely gay.

We think the rumor started because we never see those two together. We don’t like to tell people how to run their relationships, but a little PDA might help these two shut the rumor mill down.

Oprah and Gayle are Lesbian Lovers

Oprah and Gayle have been BFFs since around 1976. And when two unmarried women hang that hard, it’s easy for rumors to start. But Gayle and Oprah say there’s no water in that well. Gayle says, “If we were gay, we would so tell you.”

Janet Had a Rib Removed

Losing weight is hard. Maybe that’s why folks have so much trouble giving credit where credit is due.

After Janet slimmed down for the Velvet Rope tour, folks said she must have had a rib removed to get that slim and curvy. We’re sure Janet took it as the compliment it sort of was.

Khloe Kardashian and Steve Martin Are Dating

This may be one of the craziest dating rumors we’ve ever heard.

Since Khloe and Lamar’s relationship went down in flames, folks have been trying to link Khloe to everyone: including 68-year-old comedy legend Steve Martin.

We don’t know where the rumor started or if these two have even met but when Steve got wind of the rumor, he jokingly Tweeted that the two were “just friends.”

Angelina Was sleeping with Her Brother

When Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven shared that long kiss at the 2000 Oscars it made everyone uncomfortable.

But Angelina and James say that the world just isn’t used to their kind of public PDA. At the height of the incest rumor storm, James said: “It’s a very weird thing when a brother and sister can’t show love for each other in public without people gossiping about them.”

(We still don’t know anyone who kisses their siblings like that).

Michael Jackson Sleeps in a Hyperbaric Chamber

This is one of our favorite crazy rumors because MJ helped come up with it himself.

Back in 1986, he and the folks at the National Enquirer got together and came up with the story that the King of Pop slept in an oxygen chamber to live longer.

Michael even climbed into a chamber and let the magazine snap pictures. The rumor drummed up tons of publicity for Mike and lots of sales for The Enquirer — and some folks still believe that it’s true.

Beyonce’s Was Never Pregnant

Yoncé stays caught in the rumor mill. Back in 2012, Beyhive resistors insisted Beyonce wasn’t pregnant with Blue, but wearing a fake baby bump while another woman carried her baby. Beyonce addressed the rumor in People magazine calling them “hurtful…just crazy.”

Tupac Is Still Alive

We’ve held on to this one for a long time, haven’t we?

Jennifer Lopez’s Billion Dollar Booty

Remember back in the 90s when Jennifer Lopez had the biggest butt Hollywood had ever seen? Back in 1999, both The Sun and The New York Post reported that Jennifer had her cheeks insured for more money than most of us have ever seen. But Jennifer has gone on the record to deny the rumors, saying “I don’t know where they got [that story] from. When I heard the story I thought it was very funny.”

Jennifer Hudson Murdered Her Own Family Members

J Hud found out the hard way that sometimes fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Back in 2008 after her mother, brother and nephew were murdered, rumors that she had all three killed to join the Illuminati added salt to the wound of an already heartbreaking tragedy.

Porsha’s Pregnant

This one is crazy because we still don’t know if it’s true. Do you believe Porsha’s proof that she’s not pregnant? Or is that an old picture and a cover up?

Lil Kim Had to Have Her Stomach Pumped

Remember this old school rumor from back in the 90s? The story was that Kim left a party so full of…”baby batter”…that she was rushed to the hospital to have it pumped out.

Rihanna Rode Jay-Z to the Top

Remember when Hov and Beyonce just started dating but word on the street was that he secretly had a thing for Ri? Turns out, not only were the rumors not true but they were started by Ri’s publicist in order to drum up a little free publicity for Ri’s new single “Pon De Replay”.

Andre 3000 and Big Boi Are Dating

While we were all waiting on news about the next Outkast album, a different kind of headline surfaced from their camp. Word on the street was that Big Boi’s soon to be ex-wife claimed that not only were the two dating, but that she found naked pictures of Andre on Big Boi’s phone.

Turns out, it was all a hoax written by a satirical website that folks took a little too seriously.

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