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Quiet as it’s kept, black people, across the diaspora, can be quite superstitious. So it’s not too much of a stretch or a surprise that black folk are quick to believe and spread conspiracy theories, especially if they’re attached to prominent members of our community. Here a few conspiracy theories black people believe. Check them out here and let us know if you believe any of these.

Whitney Houston was murdered

Though the coroner ruled that Whitney Houston died of a heart attack, allegedly brought on by the combination of cocaine and prescription pills, there are plenty who believe that people wanted Whitney dead. Now, I’m not sure why anyone would want her dead or how someone could profit from her demise, there are those who ride for this theory. In fact, I have a coworker who visited the hotel where Houston passed and said she felt unsettled being in the vicinity of the room. She suspected foul play. Personally, I don’t buy it. But what do you think?

Jay Z has a child living in the islands

Rumor has it that before he met and started dating Beyoncé, or hell, shortly after, Jay Z fathered a child with another woman. But the theory is that Jay Z didn’t want to acknowledge the child and instead paid the woman off so she would never expose this secret. I really don’t get this one. Having a child before Blue wouldn’t be the end of Jay Z’s empire. It happens in Hip Hop all the time and people make it work, no reputations harmed, no love lost. Plus, seeing how excited he was about Blue Ivy, it’s hard for me to believe that he would completely deny a child.

Tupac is still alive in Cuba with Assata

Just like Elvis before him, when you have a musical icon like Pac, fans just don’t want to let them go. Tupac’s passing was so devastating that people came up with all kinds of theories to, presumably, help them cope with the loss. The theory is that Tupac was never killed and instead used the shooting as a way to leave the country. And since Assata Shakur, Tupac’s aunt, is also in Cuba he’s kicking it with her there.

Diddy knows who killed Biggie

The evening Biggie was killed, though he had expressed earlier that he feared for his life, he rode in a car with his friends, members of Junior M.A.F.I.A. Diddy was in a car behind him with three security guards and Bad Boy’s director of security and other security staff were behind him in two vehicles. The theory is not that Diddy arranged for Biggie to be killed but that perhaps he knew it was coming and didn’t do enough to stop it. The thing with this theory is, what reason would Diddy have to kill Biggie? The two were making a lot of money together and stood to make a lot more if things had turned out differently.

Beyoncé didn’t carry her baby

People must have believed that Beyoncé was hyper concerned about her figure and didn’t want to have her body ripped apart by carrying and delivering a child, so she enlisted the help of a surrogate to carry her biological child, Blue Ivy. All of this started because of the way Beyoncé’s dress folded during an interview. Sigh. I don’t believe it. But there are plenty of MN readers/trolls that stand behind this theory all day. I don’t know why she would lie about something like this. Where’s the shame in surrogacy? I’m not Bey’s gyno and neither are you so there’s no way to prove this without a shadow of a doubt, but the most shocking thing about this conspiracy is the fact that people care so much and take every opportunity to discuss it. Whether Blue Ivy grew in Beyoncé’s uterus and came from her vadge is really no concern of mine.


9-11 was an inside job

You’ve heard the theories. The U.S. government, the Bush administration specifically, organized the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.   Michael Moore’s documentary, Farenheit 9/11 only added fuel to those rumors exposing three decade long relationship between bin Laden and the Bush family. Bush arranged for bin Laden’s family who were in the U.S. at the time to secretly leave the country without any interrogation. The movie and other theories suggest that this attack was organized so there would be a reason for the “War on Terror,” a war which was believed to be about the interest of oil rather than eliminating the war from terrorism.


The Illuminati

I can’t even really describe what the illuminati is. I just know that it’s some type of sect or cult that people sign up for and it guarantees that they’ll be successful but at the price of selling their soul to some demonic spirit or the devil. There have been hour long videos detailing the artists and celebrities involved in the cult. Who knows what’s out there? The world can be a dark place. But I can’t be worried about what people are doing with their souls, I’m too busy worrying about my own.

AIDS was created by the government

There are people who believe quite a few diseases were created by the government to control the population. The theory behind this one is that the government was doing that when they created AIDS. Rumor has it that the disease was given to an “undesirable” community in the ’70’s, the gay community and spread from there. I can’t call it. Judging from the Tuskegee experiment, where Syphilis treatment was withheld from patients who doctors knew had the disease, I won’t put too much past them. 

The Royal Family killed Princess Diana

Allegedly, the Queen Elizabeth wasn’t a fan of Princess Diana. Perhaps she felt she was too familiar and didn’t display proper royal behavior. Either way, the theory is that the Queen had such a problem with Diana and her upcoming divorce from her son, Prince Charles, that she arranged for her to be killed. I’m not to familiar with how they do things in the UK but I would hope that if she didn’t ride for Diana, she would just shun her and not have her killed.

Michael Jackson died in the 80’s.

This one is a doozy. This theory proposes that the Michael Jackson we knew in 2009 was not the one we knew in the ’80’s. As the story goes Michael Jackson actually passed away in the ’80’s when he still had brown skin. And then the person who took over was an impostor,  hence the drastically different appearance. And it was the impostor and not the real Jackson that died in 2009. Poppycock. Seriously, if someone was going to hire a convincing impostor to fool the people, surely they would have chosen someone more believable.


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