Achieving Happiness At Work Is Possible! Here Are 5 Ways To Keep A Smile On Your Face

February 20, 2014  |  

Yesterday we talked about being fulfilled on the job, a big topic with all sorts of philosophical implications. But what about just being happy at work; content that you have a job, that you’re contributing to your family and society, toiling away with a sense of purpose and inner peace?

OK, so you probably won’t love your job every day, even if it is your dream job. Here are some fun ways to infuse a little happiness into your not-so-happy work day.

Make sure you have signed up for Pandora: There is so much research out there pointing to the effect of music on our moods. I know in my personal life, I have strategically chosen songs to make me feel confident and sexy when I was feeling like a sweaty, slow loser. In particular, I had Kanye West’s “Never Let Me Down” in heavy rotation to motivate and inspire me as I completed the last mile of my first 10K run back in the day. I apply the same strategy to my work environment, especially on those days that I am thisclose to some wig-snatching.

Run into the bathroom and take a selfie (save it or send it to someone):  If you are not into selfies, be sure that you take a few moments to admire your own beauty. Pick a feature and tell yourself things that you love about it. Too many times, in a rush to be in a rush, we don’t slow down and admire our own beauty. Then, 20 years later, we wonder what happened to our life and our youth.  Once you have completed and savored your mini self-love fest, return to your desk and get some work done.

Use your lunchtime to shore up your plan for world domination: If you don’t love your job, I hope you are proactively looking for an out. Instead of complaining and commiserating with your coworkers or wasting time figuring out what you want for lunch, brown bag it for a week and plot out three simple things that you will do during your lunch break that to get you one step closer to saying  “deuces” to your current employer.

As an example, I have used my lunchtime to craft and follow-up on emails to people whose network I want to join and to research a course that I wanted to take. It is better to handle some of these seemingly “little things” at lunch. You are still alert, all organizations and companies are open, and you have accomplished something that will make you both happy and poised for opportunity before the day is over.

Never eat alone: Who says that you have to confine your relationships to those in your office, division, or floor? Don’t be afraid to connect with people that you normally don’t work with. Not only will the novelty bring you some joy, but you may also be cultivating relationships that will serve you well once you decide it’s time to move on.

Allow yourself to daydream without guilt: That romantic dinner with Idris, that beach with tropical beverages, quitting your job to work from home, or all of the naughty things that you want to do in Vegas.  Yeah, own each one of those daydreams and write them down while you are at it. Not only does letting your imagination run free give you inner moments of bliss, but it can also help you stand out at work. Amy Fries, author of “The Power of Daydreaming,” an article on Psychology Today writes, “The Internet, robots, rocketry, test-tube babies, scuba diving are just some of the inventions first conceived in daydreams and written about in science fiction by incredibly creative people who others may have thought of as simply weird or even delusional.” You never know where your dreams will take you.

Kara Stevens is the founder of the personal finance and lifestyle blog The Frugal Feminista, an online home for financial empowerment, girl power, and juicy living. Connect with her on Twitter @frugalfeminista

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