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Dear Winter,

For years, we were cool.  In fact, I even loved you.  When other people talked bad about you and named all of the horrible things that they felt came with you, I defended you.  However, when it comes to our relationship, I realized recently that there’s no such thing as unconditional love, because at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, you’d crossed the line.  With a series of poor actions, my love for you has slowly dwindled.  I stopped loving you, and merely tolerated you.  Though I know you’re about to leave, I wanted to make sure that you knew exactly how I felt.

In the past, you were beautiful, and would encourage me to think, create, and love (cuffing season).  We would meet, and you were always the same; sometimes cold, sometimes frigid, but good-natured nonetheless.  However, this year, you came with an attitude, and I did not appreciate it.

Now, I don’t know what happened to you while you were gone on the other side of the world, but it was real foul how you decided to extend that crap over here.  You could have kept all of that. The extra snow, the extremely frigid temperatures, the icy roads and sidewalks.  Then, on top of that, you decided to bring your friend, Polar Vortex?!  You knew he was a bad influence, and the two of you decided to cause chaos for the last few months.  I also didn’t appreciate my joy for temperatures like 16 degrees this season, because there were so many negative degree days.  A temperature above ten was like a relief, and it didn’t use to be like that.  How could you?  I mean, seriously, Winter?

I know that you think that you were just “keeping it real,” but in the end, you were just real destructive.  I don’t appreciate the obsessively cold days and nights, the large electric and gas bills, the frozen pipes, the power outages, the frozen stray animals that I had to walk past, or the pain and dread I felt when I had to bring my garbage cans out to the curb and back.  All of that was so unnecessary.

But you know what, it’s cool though.  I mean, we’re never gonna be friends again.  I know that I can’t trust you anymore.  How do I know you’re not going to pull some junk like this next year, or the year after that?  We had a level of trust and respect, and you violated that.  But, I know that we’ll see each other again, just don’t get surprised that I’m not all happy to see you.  I’ll be cordial, but this is it for our friendship.

I do appreciate all of the fun times that we had.  But, I think I found someone else.  His name is Spring, and he’s coming, so I would appreciate it if you could take the rest of your snow, and cold weather and leave.  I’ll just see you next year.


Kendra Koger

P.S.  I don’t know what made you decide to bring Polar Vortex, but I better not see him again!  The two of you are not just bad for each other, but for everyone else involved.

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