Signs You Suffer From Relationship Addiction (J.Lo We’re Looking At You)

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Relationship addiction sounds silly, but believe it or not, a lot of women suffer from it. Surely you know of someone who’s never really been single and has to be a relationship at all times. Maybe you’re that person.

Relationship addiction is no joke, and in the end, the problem can set you up for a future of failed relationships and bad dating experiences. Here are signs of relationship addiction and how to overcome it.

You need to be in a relationship

No one really needs to be in a relationship, but when it comes to you, you have to be in a relationship or else you feel like everything is just wrong. Relationships make up a big part of your life and other things get pushed to the side, no matter how important they are.

Relationships are your happiness

When you’re in a relationship, you’re happy. You feel secure and alive when you have someone to call your own. Without a relationship, you feel as if your life is meaningless and you say down in the dumps.

You’ve never been single for long

After a relationship has ended, you do whatever you can to change that, immediately. You’ve never been single for more than a few days and in the back of your mind, you set yourself a time limit as to how long you can be without a relationship. A few weeks of being single is way too long.

Being single is depressing

During those few days that you are single, you’re completely down in the dumps. You have nothing to look forward to and you wake up each day sad and moping around. Rarely do you perk up while you’re single and, sadly, others notice it.

You’re willing to date anyone

You’re so addicted to relationships that you’re willing to date anyone. As long as you can click with a man some way or another, you’re willing to date him. The biggest importance to you is that you can say you’re in a relationship with a man. To you, it doesn’t really matter who it is.

You stay in bad relationships

Since you’re willing to date anyone, you often find yourself in bad relationships where you’re completely unhappy. However, a part of you is happy because you’re in a relationship. At the same time, even though you’re not happy, you know that you’d feel worse if you were to leave the relationship because that means you’d be single.

You’re terrified of being alone

To you, being single is the same as being lonely. No matter how many friends and family members you have around you, if you don’t have a relationship to fall back on, you feel as though you are alone in the world.



So what can you do?


How to overcome your addiction…

Step out of the dating world

One of the best things you can do for yourself if you suffer from relationship addiction is to completely step out of the dating world. Break off any relationships that you may be in and put a complete stop on everything. To fix this addiction, you have to put an end to it.

Focus some time on yourself

In order to help fix and move past relationship addiction, you need to take some time and focus on you. Me-time is one of the best things that you can give yourself during this time. Now is the best time for you to take weeks, if not months, to focus on yourself. By focusing on you, you can avoid a relapse into relationship addiction.

Learn to love you

After suffering from relationship addiction, it’s likely that you’ve lost touch of who you are. After many breakups and even more new relationships, you’ve probably lost sight of the real you. During your time off from dating, take some time to regain your self-awareness as well as your self-confidence, self-image, and self-esteem. It’s crucial that you love yourself before you get into a relationship.

Find happiness elsewhere

Since you currently depend on relationships for happiness, you’ll want to focus on finding other things that can bring happiness into your life. Take up new hobbies. Reconnect with your friends and family members. Do activities that you used to do that you remember making you happy and bringing light to your life. There is happiness outside of relationships.

Create and stick to a list of expectations

If you were addicted to relationships, it’s likely that along the way you got rid of your list of wants, needs, and expectations in men and in relationships. Before you get back into the dating scene, make sure that you know what you’re looking for, what you want, and what you need. Most importantly, promise yourself to stick to this list and never settle for anything less.

Confide in friends

Surely there is one woman or a family member that you are extremely close to. No matter if it’s your mom, your sister, a cousin, or a life-long friend, don’t hesitate to confide and talk to someone close to you during this transitional phase in your life. It’s helpful to have someone to talk to throughout the process so that you have support during the hard times.

Consider therapy

Some people are so addicted to relationships that therapy is one of the best possible solutions. If you want professional help or if you want to talk to someone who has experience with this type of addiction, then therapy is will be beneficial for you. A therapist will be able to work through this with you and in the end you’ll be able to see just how much more there is to life.

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