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Today is February 14th, Saint Valentine’s Day as it’s affectionately known, and the most romantic day of the year…for couples. This is the day when florists, small boutiques and restaurants make a killing as people express their love for each other. But what about those of us who are fabulously single by choice or because we just haven’t found that special one? Don’t we deserve as much love and attention on Valentine’s Day as any other person? Absolutely! So how do we as unmarried, unattached or un-booed-up folks celebrate the most romantic day of the year without a personal or intimate partner? Easy, by loving and pampering ourselves the unconventional way. So, where do we begin?

First, if possible, leave work early for a spa-filled day! Book an exclusive pampering session for yourself at your favorite spa. Not only that, but select a service that you’ve never experienced and grab your favorite food afterwards. Take your time and enjoy yourself because this day is not only for lovers–it’s your day to make the most of.

I know this is a traditional way to pamper yourself, but shop, shop and shop! However, this time, instead of going for the usual shoes and designer handbag, go to a high-end store and select a piece of jewelry you’ve always wanted to buy but were hesitant about. This is the best time to do this because jewelry stores have great bargains around this time of year because they know Valentine’s Day is one of the peak seasons for such purchases.

Check yourself into a hotel and have your own exclusive staycation. Order room service and anything else you want to make your day of loving yourself complete. Spare no expense and leave no stone unturned on your private staycay for one.

Purchase your favorite bottle of wine, chill it and sip yourself into relaxation. While you’re at it, grab some Hershey’s Kisses of your choice and munch away. Invite friends over too if you want to share your day others.

Go to your favorite makeup counter and get a makeover!  Allow the makeup artist to do something totally different for you, then if you like what you see, get the makeup and continue with your new look.

Create your own assorted dessert bar in the comfort of your home. Treat yourself to as many of your favorite decadent desserts and treats as your heart desires and indulge in Valentine’s Day your way.

Whatever you decide to do or not do on this Valentines, know that you don’t need a relationship to feel loved or appreciated on this day or any other. And although you know that many people will get engaged today, have flowers delivered and will be wined and dined by someone they love, remember that loving yourself first and showing it will always outweigh the love of someone else. Besides, what’s the point of being loved by someone else if you don’t love yourself? Enjoy this national day of professing love and be sure to always love yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Liz Lampkin is the Author of Are You a Reflection of the Man You Pray For? Follow her on Twitter @Liz_Lampkin.

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