Petition Launched Against Nicki Minaj After Using Image Of Malcolm X As Art For Single, “Lookin’ A** Ni**a

February 13, 2014  |  

UPDATE: There is now a petition seeking to have Minaj change her single artwork: “The cover photo is disrespectful to the life and legacy of Malcolm X and all that he fought against and represented.

Nicki Minaj is back at it musically after taking a break to do TV (American Idol) and film (The Other Woman), and just yesterday she released the music video for her new single, “Lookin’ A** Ni**a.” And while the video is interesting, to say the least, it’s the cover for the single alone that has people talking. Minaj posted the image on her Instagram yesterday, and as you can see above, it’s the iconic image of Malcolm X holding a semi-automatic weapon peering out of his window (Nicki holds a similar gun in the music video). Of course (black history month fact time!) the image is from 1964 and shows the activist trying to protect himself and his family from the death threats coming his way after things became tense between him, Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam.

So flash forward to 2014 and the use of this iconic image to help sell a song called “Lookin’ A** Ni**a,” which is basically slamming men that Minaj feels are clowns and uses the N-word more times than I feel like counting–makes sense why it isn’t sitting well with people, right? And let’s not forget that it’s Black History Month, though the use of this image any other time would still be cringe-worthy and unnecessary. Some tried to say that Minaj is referring to the people that Malcolm X was trying to keep his eye on outside the window, but others just felt it was in bad taste and took to Minaj’s Instagram and Twitter in general to talk about it:

“This is a disgrace and embarrassing.”

“Malcolm x…Being called a n__a by Nicki Minaj… And it’s cool. I just hate our generation.”

“#Offended *enjoy you, but this is in bad taste…”

“This what Malcolm X died for?”

“I’m really disturbed by this Nicki Minaj artwork. Hope Malcolm’s estate press her.”

“Puttin’ Malcolm X and that title anywhere near each other literally couldn’t make any less sense, or be much more offensive.”

“@nickiMinaj I guess you just said “f**k black history month” y u mad? Something you got on your chest?”

“This is just plain ignorant… Ugh… Makes me sick to my stomach….”

“Good to see ppl in an uproar @ Minaj’s disrespect of Malcolm X. I just wish we expressed the same sentiments when artists disrespect Jesus!”

Clearly there were a lot of angry responses to choose from.

But what do you think of this? And if you haven’t checked out the video/song yet, you can check it out below. As I said, be prepared because the N-word is used quite a bit:


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