What’s Up With Celebs Revealing Their Natural Hair On Social Media, And Why Do We Care?

February 27, 2014  |  

Wearing weaves and lace fronts is nothing new in the entertainment world. All of these years, our favorite female celebs have changed hair colors like we change lipstick, and we’ve all either been in awe, or damaged our own hair attempting to attain the “it” hair color or hairstyle of the moment.

In their line of work, fake hair is almost a must because it’s a great way to save their hair from constant styling, frying and dyeing. Which leads many of us fans to wonder what exactly lies beneath the wigs and the weaves. And to pacify us, many celebs have taken to social media to show off their real hair.

But what’s the big deal about famous women revealing their freshly washed natural hair if it’s being held captive under an expensive and exotic sew-in until it tangles into a A$AP Rocky-inspired mess? And why do fans want to see said hair? We’ve all got hair under the “hair”. No matter if it’s you, me or Gabrielle Union, there is some sort of hair sprouting from our scalps whether or not we choose to let it be seen regularly.

When we get hair reveal photos, the starlet is usually at the salon. This means our favorite celeb has her real hair out for probably all of two hours. Seriously? Usually, there’s not enough detail for you to see the person’s hair and face at the same time. Plus, the celeb whose real hair is in question usually ends up bragging the length and luxurious texture of their real hair (which they are showing for five seconds), while reiterating how it’s naturally similar to the Peruvian hair they are about to get re-installed. It’s definitely interesting with a side of annoying to see or hear a celebrity trying to prove to the public that they’ve got plenty of thick, healthy hair on their head. Again, we all have hair. Yawn.

So knowing this, why do we get so excited about celebrity hair reveals?

I guess you just wonder what they’re really working with sometimes. If it looks great, we fawn over them even more than we did when said starlet was rocking a weave, and all is well in the world of social media. However, if Ms. Starlet’s hair is less than stellar, she gets dragged. Secretly, in a mean girl way, we’re relieved to find out someone fabulous has edges that aren’t so fabulous and see-through ends underneath their fancy lace front. We’re also fascinated to know if a celebrity we stan for looks just as good rocking her real hair as she looks when she’s working the red carpet. Through all of the social media bragging, we do hope there’s an element of pizzazz—a shimmer of glamour in her natural beauty, and a beauty that she actually loves.

Most of all, we want to know if she looks like us.

Does her hair look like mine? Does she have a ‘fro? Is she relaxed with a classy, shoulder-skimming bob? Does she wear her wrap at night? Does she use a product I’ve heard about and can get my hands on? It really comes down to this: What do we have in common and can I relate to her ‘real’ life outside the cameras?

In the “off season,” when a celeb isn’t promoting a film, new album, going on tour or living a lifestyle requiring excessive manicuring, there’s not a real reason (other than maintaining a particular aesthetic) to wear wigs or weaves. We should say to them: “Girl, wear your messy ponytail–or better yet, your headscarf–to the grocery store like the rest of us.” Because we do, in fact, want them to be relatable. That’s why we are so curious to find out what’s under those expensive hairpieces. It’s like seeing a sneak peek of the real her.

When it comes to celebrity hair “reveals,” sometimes we just like to know that underneath the expertly applied makeup, expensive designer clothing and worldwide stardom, there’s someone normal. Someone who was once a nice girl from a medium-sized city. Someone like us.

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