Top 8 Reasons People Like Trashy Reality TV

February 1, 2011  |  

When there is no one around—what do you watch on TV?
There is no need to hold your head low with shame if your answer is a ‘trashy reality TV show’ because you are not alone. Trashy reality TV has become a guilty pleasure for most—a source of entertainment that keeps us glued to our television screens while simultaneously questioning our morality. “Why do I watch ‘trashy reality TV’?”—you may ask yourself. Here are the Top 8 Reasons we uncovered to put your mind at ease:

1. You Can Relate: Maybe there is a part of you, hidden deep inside, that identifies with the unsavory reality TV star that everyone loves to hate. You see a bit of yourself in “The Unapologetic Beyotch,” “The Get-What-She-Wants Gold Digger,” and “The Unrestricted Bad Girl.”

2. For a Drama Fix: There is a part of you that loves drama and although you would never welcome it into your own life—you don’t mind watching it ravage the lives of others.

3. Purely for Entertainment: You can’t relate to nor do you understand the ‘trashy reality TV star, but you find them entertaining nonetheless.

4. To Detach: For 30-60 minutes a day, you just want to get lost in a world that’s not your own—no matter how degrading it may be.

5. To Attach: Your favorite trashy reality show might provide you with insight into ones life or a lifestyle that you would love to have, but can’t.

6. It’s Unscripted: It’s no secret that “reality” TV is far from real, but you still want to believe that what you are watching is actually an account of real life and the fact that you don’t know what will happen gives you a cheap thrill.

7. That Could Be Me: This goes beyond being able to relate—it’s the desire to actually be a reality TV star. You believe that stardom is easy to obtain via a reality TV show so you are actually taking note for your dream’ reality show debut.

8. A Look into the Human Psyche: You may be the type that simply enjoys analyzing others. Trashy reality TV stars are unstable and erratic enough to keep your analytical mind stimulated.

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