Taming the Green-Eyed Monster

February 1, 2011  |  

It happens to the best of us. That quick darting twinge in our belly when we see, hear or perceive that someone has gotten something we think we deserve. It’s jealousy; and for some reason we women seem to have an extra portion. Not only is jealousy emotionally unhealthy, it won’t lead to your own success. If you suffer from jealousy here are a few ways you can check yourself quick before it turns into sabotage or betrayal.

Recognize and Reevaluate
The worst thing you can do when dealing with jealousy is to act like it’s not there. If you don’t address your resentment toward the person it will only get worse as they continue to achieve. Once you realize you feel a little bitter about someone else’s success examine yourself immediately. Ask yourself what are the true reasons behind this feeling. Why do you feel you deserved this opportunity over this person? How will your jealousy help or hinder you from achieving your own goals?

Stop Comparing yourself to others
Everyone’s journey is different. People are placed in certain situations at certain times for reasons that are often beyond our understanding. If you’re constantly looking at what other people have and how they seem to be progressing faster than you; you may just miss your own opportunities. In other words mind ya business.

Know Their Story
Often times we see someone occupying a position or attaining things we think we should have; yet, we have no idea how that person got there. Truth be told, if we knew the road that person traveled to get to their destination, we wouldn’t be so eager to live their life. If you really think you’re ready for something, find out what it takes to get there. If we’re honest with ourselves we’ll realize someone attained a certain status because they were willing when we refused.

Concentrate on your Own Journey
Be focused on your own grind. When you direct a majority of your energy to your own path you’ll find you don’t have time to be concerned with anyone else. Plus they can’t do what you do, how you do anyway. Take time to perfect your skills and talents and if you have to look it, make sure it’s to gain advice and not to throw shade.

If it gets too bad, talk to somebody
If you have a close, honest friend you can go to him or her and speak on your jealousy. Not only will you hear the ridiculousness of your thoughts put into words, you’ll be reminded to focus on you. At the end of the conversation you should remember you have your own gifts to offer the world.

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