14 Things Men Should Do For Their Lady This Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2014  |  
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We can all pretty much agree that when it comes to gift-giving men can be pretty clueless. Because we don’t want to see any of you ladies upset this Valentine’s Day, we’ve decided to come up with this universal list of 14 things men should do for their ladies this year as a jumping off point. And no worries, it doesn’t involve Kevin Hart naked with a box of chocolate covering his unmentionables — well not totally at least.

Write her a letter

Now there’s a dying art. We’re sure you’ve written your woman thousands of short-hand text messages, but have you ever expressed your feelings in a form that she can remember five or ten years from now? Forever even? Women never forget or throw away their love letters — unless the man screws us over in the end.

Create a spotify playlist just for her

Think of this as the lovers 2.0 CD mix you used to burn for girls back in the day updated. Head over to Spotify and put together a list of either your girl’s favorite songs or songs that make you think about her and your relationship and share it with her so it’s just between the two of you and she can listen to the tracks all day long.

Take her to see her favorite artist

If your lady likes R&B or soul we guarantee one of her favorites is putting on a show somewhere on Valentine’s night. Grab tickets and spend the night listening to songs all about love.

Buy her jewelry

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to buy a woman a piece of jewelry because on this special day, it’s the sentiment, not the carats, that counts. Opt for a tennis bracelet with a basketball charm to remind her of her days on the H.S. b-ball team, buy her a small pair of Emerald earrings if that’s her birth stone. There are a lot of affordable options here.

Run a candelit bath for her

This is the simplest, yet most romantic thing a man can do for a woman to show he appreciates and adores her. Water is free, candles are cheap (and you’ll save electricity), now all you need is a sweet smelling bubble bath soap and some soothing bath salts and that woman will love you forever. Guaranteed.

Wash/brush her hair

There’s little that’s more intimate than a man running his fingers through his lady’s hair. While your woman is in that nice hot bubble bath you made for her, shampoo her hair and massage her scalp to help her relax after her long day at work. After you’re done, comb through her tresses for her. And if you’re really ’bout it, you’ll help her two-strand twist it afterward.

Rub her down

Don’t let the pampering stop at the hair or the tub. Rub your woman down with nice scented oils after she’s down bathing. Pay attention to the parts of her body that need attention — like her temples and shoulders — not the body parts you wanna touch!

Surprise her with lunch

Most of us barely have time to run to the local deli to get lunch on any given day. Why not hit up Seamless and send over your lady’s special meal so she doesn’t have to lift a finger and can get home to you on time? If you hand deliver it, even better.

Cook dinner her

This one never gets old. Women looooooove to see a man in the kitchen with an apron on cooking up delicatessens just for her.

Breakfast in bed

It’s our last food suggestion, we promise. But Valentine’s Day shouldn’t end when the clock strikes midnight. Keep the love going all weekend long by waking your woman up to a hot breakfast in bed Saturday morning.

Plan a getaway

This doesn’t have to be overly extravagant. Just the idea of getting out of your normal habitat for two or three days can put you and your lady in a whole different mindset. Hit up Groupon and see what deals you can find. She doesn’t have to know about the discount.

Send her something other than flowers

Everyone likes to get physical mail that isn’t bills, but roses are so overdone on Valentine’s Day. Why not send her a package of your favorite photos together or multiple cards that express just how you feel about her? Singing telegram anyone?

Agree to a RomCom fest

Hey, if she sits through your hyper-masculine action flicks, the least you can do is watch the “Notebook” one night of the year. Avoid the madness out in the streets and have a quiet night at home watching other couples in love that may inspire you to step your game up for next Valentine’s Day.

Take her to see “About Last Night”

Or better yet, take her to see a RomCom. “About Last Night,” starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, and Joy Bryant, is in theaters February 14th and it’s as much a guy’s movie as it is a girl’s. Trust us, you’ll be rolling. To learn more about the two couples and their journey from the bar to the bedroom, click here.

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