9 More Takeaways From The Love And Hip Hop New York Reunion Part 2

February 11, 2014  |  
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There was more to the drama, ladies and gentlemen. Last week, we told you about the takeaways from the first part of the Love and Hip Hop Reunion. And now we’re back with part 2. Check out the highlights from last night. And then be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Peter and Amina

So remember at the end of Part 1 of the Reunion, we left off with Mo’Nique asking Amina if she feared that she would be Tara in the next 10-15 years. And instead of believing a delusion, claiming that she’s a better woman or whatever, she told the truth. “I am Tara already.” She went on to say that Peter made her look stupid consistently and even still today talking about how he’s in love with both of them. Hot mess. And what’s so sad about it all is that it’s not just Peter and Amina anymore…but more on that later.

Mo’Nique checks Tara

For some reason, Tara claimed that she was not the type of woman to sleep with a man who was openly sleeping with other women. But homegirl must have forgotten what we had just seen in the reel. She surely forgot that she was in the studio telling Amina that she “sits on it” (it being Peter’s penis) whenever she wants. That is the definition of not only sleeping with someone else’s man but then going back to her and bragging about it. And not to mention the woman Peter was engaged to when they first met.

Pregnancy Test

Then, what we all knew was going to happen. Amina pulls out yet another item from her bra and presents it to Peter. It’s a positive pregnancy test. With at least three other baby mamas, this wasn’t exactly news he was excited about. And so in a move that would have crushed most expecting women, Peter stormed off of the stage. It was terrible as Amina and Tara just sat there staring at each other. Finally Tara said, tragically, “I feel bad for you, that the man you married can’t hold your hand when you tell him that you’re pregnant.” Dang.

Rashidah and Tahiry

I’m not a fan of Rashidah. And even though what she was saying to Tahiry wasn’t all together untrue, I think it was the motive behind it that made it so foul. First of all, you know Tahiry’s past. And if that’s your friend why are you judging her on it now? I’m sure back in the day Rashidah was encouraging her to get that money. I just get the impression that Tahiry wasn’t spending enough time with her as she was planning her wedding and she felt some type of way about it.

Well, nothing was resolved last night either. In fact, everything escalated. At one point Rashidah threatened Tahiry talking about she hadn’t fought all month and it was nothing for them to scrap. But Joe, on his gangsta lean in the cut, let it be known that she wasn’t going to fight today either. The dude remained in straight recline as he called Rashidah a “Rupaul looking b*tch!” *stifles laughter* and said he dared her to lay a finger on Tahiry.


I don’t like Joe but I have to admit, I admired the way he stood up for Tahiry.

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Is Erica still in love with Rich?

Mo’Nique: Are you still in love with Rich?

Rich looks away as he feigns disinterest.

Erica:“Am I still in love with Rich?…”

Cyn: “Yes! I can answer that. She is.”

After a long and annoying pause. 

Erica:“I’m gonna be honest with you. Not no more.”

Lies! Egregious, blatant and belligerent falsehoods and fallacies.

Saigon and Erica Jean

There is video of the whole Saigon and Erica Jean exchange. But it just made me so tired watching it the first time that I could not bear to see it again. I think Saigon is either suffering from bipolar disorder or turning all the way up for the cameras, standing up, pacing and sipping water. Either way, he needs to get help. The way he speaks to Erica Jean is completely despicable. He referred to her and his other baby mama as b*tches. And then when Mo’Nique asked him how he would feel if his father spoke to his mother that way, he acknowledged it was wrong only to start up again two minutes later. He called Erica Jean everything but a child of God. He claimed that she didn’t deserve respect but needed to earn it. And even though the other cast members tried to tell him that she deserves respect simply because she’s the mother of his child, it fell on deaf ears. The man needs psychological help if he’s not acting and a SAG card if he is.

Peter Apologizes

In one of the realest moments of the show, Peter after leaving due to Amina’s pregnancy announcement, decides to come back on stage. But he only wanted to speak to Tara. So Amina was asked to leave and was escorted off of the stage. Embarrassing. And she had an appropriate, mini freak out in the back.

But when Peter came on, sunglasses shielding his eyes he said he signed on to do this show to provide an opportunity for Tara, Amina and himself and also as a way to provide for his kids. He said, with tears streaming down his face, “If I humiliated her in public, I just wanted to be man enough to apologize in public.” And then to Tara, ” I’ll never hurt you again because I’ll remove myself completely out of your life.”


As much as Peter’s effed up throughout the course of the season, I still had to respect the fact that he had finally reached an adult conclusion.

When he left, Mo’Nique asked Tara for her reaction. She said, “I feel bad for him. I feel bad that life has not taught you to be a better person.” She continued, “He left our household searching for an outlet. And this outlet has turned into another household that he now needs to run from.”

Realest talk.


And after all of that, Peter was worn out. Tara followed him backstage to talk and he said that he was disgusted with himself as a man and as a father. He told Tara that if you’re not good to the mother, you’re not a good father.

As foolish as Peter be acting, he was preaching several sermons last night.

Where was K. Michelle?

K. Michelle was serious about distancing herself from the drama. And we can surely respect that. She kept her nose clean this season and instead of even participating in the reunion, Mona let her roam the streets and get people’s opinions on the other cast members’ drama. The come up. We’re hard on K. Michelle around here but we have to give credit where credit is due. She had probably the only happy ending of the night.

What did you think about the reunion last night? Which moments stood out to you?

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