Serious Question: Were Geneva And Demetria Insensitive To Mica’s Pain On Last Night’s “Blood Sweat And Heels”?

February 10, 2014  |  

Based on the past episodes that I’ve watched of Blood, Sweat and Heels, I have never really been very fond of Mica Hughes and how she often presents herself on the show. From time to time, she can have a very colorful sense of humor that I can appreciate, but a majority of the time, she is THE most. And yes, her drinking can be hard to overlook when it elevates her already extroverted personality to another level, and it’s something she does need to slow down on. However, last night was the first time that I’ve ever watched the show and walked away feeling really sad for her.

If you watched Sunday’s episode of Blood, Sweat and Heels, you probably know that soon after saying goodbye to the father she had a tepid relationship with for a majority of her life, something that brought her much pain that she tried to hide, Mica decided to go to the Hamptons to drink her problems away with her “friends,” rather than stay at home with her boyfriend and address her grief head-on. That was a huge mistake.

By the time she got to Brie’s family’s home, she had already downed a full bottle of wine in the car and was teetering on her heels. There was nothing humorous about Mica during these moments, as I was just scared that she was going to either fall into the family pool or fall on her face. She was loud and over-the-top, and was doing everything in her power to act like things were okay (and she wouldn’t discuss her father’s death, though everyone was aware that he was dying). When she finally sat down, she was confronted by Geneva, Demetria and Brie about being late and not letting anyone know what was going on, because they were hungry and were waiting on her to go out to eat. Mica, in her drunkenness, didn’t appreciate this, and as she got loud and belligerant, Demetria and Geneva left her where she sat to go touch up their makeup, and that’s when she became untethered.

Mica said that they didn’t care about everything she was going through and blamed Brie for not defending her against them. Demetria’s man, Greg, actually was one of the lone people to try and calm her down and talk to her straight-up (not like a parent yelling at the child they caught inebriated), but things turned left again. Geneva wanted to go eat and was done with the dramatics, and when Mica got upset and got ready to leave, Geneva shouted “Detox, dear. Detox!” This caused Mica to walk back to go at it with Geneva (which is when that Wesley Snipes comment occurred), who kept telling her that she needed to detox. Though they were both acting the donkey, Demetria ran out yelling “Are you crazy!?” telling Mica she needed to leave because she was behaving erratically at Brie’s family home (though Mica knows her family). After Mica tried to storm in the house to confront Geneva again (and everyone ran out the opposite exit), she wound up balling over everything she was feeling about her father and the way she felt she was being treated. During this meltdown, Greg and Brie were able to put her in a cab and get her out of town. As the episode went on after that unfortunate episode, Brie was peeved and stopped talking to Mica, as did Geneva and Demetria.

What I took away from this episode was the reality that on all these “reality” shows, these ladies are NOT really friends. The way they dog one another in confessionals should make that obvious to everyone. And on this show in particular, they’re not fooling anybody. Mica needed to be with friends and family during that time, and instead, she was with folks who were more concerned about protecting their Louboutins and getting dinner than they were getting her together. A real friend would have stopped trying to argue and throw jabs at a drunk woman and would have sat her down, got her a cup of coffee and tried to talk with her about what’s going on (or at least put her in the bed). A real friend wouldn’t have worried so much about being hungry that they ignore an obvious cry for help. The women on this show are so hellbent on diagnosing Mica, but the reality is, most of them really don’t care to help her. Especially not when before and after she arrived, they all sat around her with a glass of wine talking about why she needs rehab and Jesus (“I’ma pray for you. Namaste. Namaste” – Demetria). If they did care, they wouldn’t have left her alone with Brie like she was a leper so that they could laugh and shake their head from afar. And considering that everyone knew she was dealing with a dying father, they could have been a little bit more sensitive in how they treated her. I’m not trying to condone Mica’s behavior in any way, but we all just need to watch how we talk to and treat people in pain. While losing your father might not be an excuse to drink your sorrows away and then in turn, act out of pocket at someone else’s home, being hungry or tired of someone else’s dramatics is not a good excuse to treat a hurt person you know like garbage that you’re too good to deal with or help. But that’s just my opinion. What do you think?

What did you think of last night’s episode, Mica’s behavior, and the way the ladies treated her?

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