Kandi Almost “Drags” Cynthia And Her Sister Malorie, And Everyone Blames Kenya For Pillow Talk Drama: RHOA Ep. 14

February 10, 2014  |  
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After a break last week because of the Super Bowl, Real Housewivses of Atlanta came back with a bang (or a punch you could say), as we watched how the rest of the infamous Pillow Talk event played out, and how everyone dealt with the fallout afterwards. And just when we thought the fighting was over, Kandi almost had to lay hands on Cynthia’s sister Malorie. Clearly we have a lot to talk about from last night’s episode, so let’s get to it.

Picking Up Where We Left Off

As we return to the hotel where the worst RHOA event we’ve seen in a long time took place, everyone was trying to either figure out what went wrong, or they’re trying to haul a** out of there. But before Phaedra could get her out-of-control husband Apollo a shirt and a seat in the car to go home, he was ready to take down a very confused Brandon one more time. Folks were screaming and doing their damndest to pull these people apart, while across the room, NeNe was shouting in Kenya’s face about ruining her already messy party. Eventually Kenya and Brandon leave (with Brandon asking Apollo from afar what he did to make him attack him like that), as well as Apollo, and even Porsha, who could feel the demons in the room and decided to take her sister and go too.

Kandi Calls Out Natalie For Being As Messy As Kenya

Once the party calms down, folks are trying to figure out how things went haywire. In the process, Christopher and Natalie reveal their disdain with Kenya trying to talk crazy about their relationship. However, Kandi reminds Natalie that she did the same exact thing when she told Cynthia and Peter that Todd was something of an opportunist, even though those weren’t her exact words. Natalie tried to explain what she said about Todd’s past relationship with her good friend, and eventually it’s implied that Cynthia took what Natalie said and told the ladies that she flat out called him an opportunist. That left Cynthia to try and defend herself. Though Natalie and Kandi were calm during their conversation, Cynthia dramatically put her long fingers all in Kandi’s face and that took things to another level…

Peter Gets In Kandi’s Face And Kandi Almost Whoops Some A**

As Cynthia gets all extra in trying to explain what she said about Natalie’s comments on Todd, Kandi gets irritated by how close she is. But if that wasn’t enough, Peter steps in extra close to Kandi and Todd talking about “You know the rules!” and he and Todd get into it. After that, Malorie of all people steps in to split up Todd and Peter and winds up pushing Todd and Kandi back, and in two seconds flat, Kandi is ready to go for blood: “I will drag you in this b***h!” Surprisingly, Malorie plays tough in response: “I will beat her motherf**king a**!” In the end, the ladies are trying to get Kandi to calm down but she is fuming. As she says, don’t pull her away from a person who puts their hands on her because she wants to put her foot in their behind. Eventually, Todd and Peter work things out quickly, but Kandi doesn’t want to be bothered. She wants to go home, and finally, everyone feels the same way. As the party ends, NeNe says, “How do we go from a pillow talk asking questions to throwing shrimp?”

Cynthia And Kandi Recap Their Bad Behavior The Morning After

The next day, Carmon sits with Todd and Kandi, and NeNe and Gregg meet up with Cynthia and Peter to talk trash about everyone they fell out with the night before. Cynthia refers to Kandi as a “thug” (and even says that one tried to possess Kandi’s body), while Kandi told Carmon that Cynthia was being extra as usual, putting her fingers in her face. In the end, Cynthia sees nothing wrong with how she or her family behaved, while Kandi, with the help of her friend and her man, feels a bit embarrassed and wants to apologize.

Brandon Wants To Press Charges Against Apollo, Who Plays The Victim

On the other side of town, Brandon (with a shiner and lump on his cheek) tells Kenya that he wanted to press charges against Apollo (who they both refer to as a “gorilla”), but doesn’t think he will because he wouldn’t want Apollo taken away from his kids. As for Apollo, who wasn’t thinking about said kids during the brawl, he played the victim when speaking with Phaedra, not understanding why he was hit in an attempt to break up Brandon’s fight with Christopher (uh…this type of thing happens when jumping in a fight, Apollo). He basically takes no responsibility for his out-of-control behavior. But then again, neither does Brandon.

Kandi Gets Back To Her Musical, “A Mother’s Love”

Back to business for Kandi as always! She meets up with her team, including Todd, to look for talented folks who can sing that she can add to the show. However, there was not one saving grace out of all the hundreds of people they saw. Most of the people sang injured cats and like people who just wanted five seconds of fame on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The Ladies Meet Up For Massages And Messiness

Instead of meeting up at someone’s house to hash things out, Kandi asks the ladies to meet up at a local massage parlor so they can act a fool in public. And even though these folks really can’t stand each other, Phaedra spent most of her time with Cynthia and NeNe, while Kandi, Kenya and Porsha hung out. Eventually, after talking about people putting their toes in folks’ butts while getting massages and other childish things, the women come together to eat and play the blame game.

Cynthia and Kandi Hash Things Out

Kandi is the bigger person in this whole scene because she apologizes first thing first for her behavior. The two women can’t seem to agree on who caused their scuffle, with Kandi saying Malorie pushed her and Cynthia saying Malorie did no such thing. But the two women did drop it when all was said and done…even after Cynthia blindly said, “You were wrong. And IF my sister pushed you, she was wrong.” Anybody else sick of her this season?

NeNe Blames Kenya And Brandon For Pillow Talk Drama

This part was particularly annoying because NeNe (who loooooves calling Brandon “queen”) and Kenya are two people who don’t believe in letting one person speak and finish before they’re talking at the top of their lungs. Of course, NeNe blamed Kenya for the situation because she stood up and “charged” at Natalie, but in turn, Kenya blames not only Christopher’s aggressive arm grab (WHICH THE CAMERAS FINALLY SHOWED THE WORLD), but NeNe’s diva behavior: “When we did arrive, YOU made a whole spectacle.” After yelling to the point that employees of the parlor were looking worried, the other ladies of the group told Kenya and NeNe to bring it down and just drop it altogether. NeNe walked away having the last words, and and said that Brandon is not allowed to come around anymore and that “all of us” (as in all the ladies) agree that it was Kenya’s fault. Of course, she still takes no responsibility for her actions in all this. But are we surprised? With the exception of Kandi, did anyone step up and do so?

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