Maybe If I Grow Another Arm?… Making New Baby & Business Work

February 10, 2014  |  

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It has only been a few weeks and I must tip my hat to single mothers and those with multiple children because motherhood is no joke. I seriously don’t know what I would do without the help of my husband! While I did my best to prepare myself and business for the arrival of my son (I talked about that here), nothing really gets you ready for how things will change.

Once out of the hospital after delivery, I gave myself a couple weeks (I work full-time from home) to enjoy my new bundle of joy and just unwind. When I was ready to get back into the swing of things aside from thanking God my “commute” was only a few seconds (there are days I look like an extra from The Walking Dead) I did my best to try and figure out my new role as mommy and how it translates into my daily work demands. Thankfully things like changing diapers and feedings have been extremely manageable as I have developed the new talent of being ambidextrous, rocking my child into his nap while answering work emails. Let’s not get it twisted though — working from home with its perks is no walk in the park when a baby comes into the mix.

I had to learn real quick that daily to-do lists would soon become an ideal. Sure there are things I need to get done, but, oh my, how much pressure instantly came off my shoulders once I accepted the fact that not everything can get done all at once. I am a new mother and that will take much of my time. I have new responsibilities that will take priority over the things I do. As an alternative, setting weekly goals has been a godsend, helping to keep me on track while providing some wiggle room on the deadline. If you think about it, it kinda helps you to plan ahead a little which can be insurance for those days when your little one gives you the business. There will also be days when you are mentally and physically exhausted, which can also prohibit you from accomplishing a ton in your day.

Speaking of exhaustion, I am in awe at how I can even manage to operate during the day on no coffee (hate that stuff) after being up during the night. Here’s a little secret: If you are able, schedule your meetings later in the day opposed to the morning which will give you a buffer should you need more time to sleep in. It helps! You will also find that your “regular schedule” will greatly vary while your child is a newborn. There will be times when you get your second wind to work in the evening which is why you have to be flexible.

The bottom line is there is no set answer on how to juggle a new baby and business, it’s something you just have to wing until you get it right. And don’t be so hard on yourself. This is all a learning process. Be open to change, stay flexible with your schedule and just do the best you can. All of the pieces will eventually fall into place. And never forget that your number one job and priority now is to be a mother.

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