He Say, She Say: Is Beyonce A Poor Excuse For A Wife?

January 31, 2014  |  

In our first He Say, She Say piece, a male and a female writer take on the NY Post’s assertion that Jay Z is a poor excuse for a husband for allowing his wife to perform provocatively. 

He Say

By Kevin L. Clark

Jay Z and his future billionaire wifey, Beyoncé, opened up the 2014 Grammy Awards with a performance that went down in music history as one to remember. The couple’s live rendition of “Drunk In Love,” found the former Destiny’s Child singer stripper-kicking and “surfboarding” alongside her husband as millions of men ogled around the world.

The backlash was immediate.

Parents deemed their salacious duet “too risqué” and “inappropriate for children” for the early 8:00pm time slot. The 17-time Grammy award winner was even called a “whore,” in addition to “trashy” and “tasteless,” by a UK newspaper. Not only did the critics-that-be try to shame King Bey for her Rihanna-esque attempt, but this week (Jan. 28) the New York Post deemed hometown hero, Jay Z, “a poor excuse for a husband.”

“What do you call a man who stands there smiling and singing as his scantily clad wife straddles a chair and shakes her rear end for other men’s titillation?” Naomi Schaefer Riley of the Post writes. “Rhymes with Goodyear…?” The author deems it wrong that Hov didn’t keep his wife in line for the Parents Television Council, which then raises the question: Should wives eventually change clothes for their husbands? As a recently engaged Black man, who also thanks God for conspiring and putting my soon-to-be wife in my life, I have to take umbrage with the outrage thrown towards the Carters.

Personally, I feel that, out of respect for me and our unified relationship, my woman shouldn’t be dressed like she’s auditioning for Love And Hip-Hop. These Brooklyn streets I tread are already vicious enough without having to fight every night to prove my worth. Unlike Bey Z, me and my significant other don’t have the luxury of big, burly bodyguards and a best friend who will hit you with pepper spray when confronted. We don’t command the attention of stans, paparazzi, or councils who feel the need to critique our every move. There’s no need to overexpose our sexual intimacy to the masses.

My soon-to-be wife doesn’t even dress provocatively for public consumption, and while Bey Z’s on-stage persona may allow for that type of behavior, I’m pretty sure Jay doesn’t pimp out his wife when they’re not performing. Much like what Necole Bitchie said in her write-up on the matter, there was a time when folks believed the couple was not affectionate enough towards each other. Now, they’ve invited the world into their marriage, to be a part of it all in real time, and it still creates a big uproar of disapproval.

While you can’t please everybody, popular culture already sheds little-to-no light on happy, successful Black marriages and paints the institution as something to avoid like the plague. Beyoncé and Jay Z made marriage look appealing and rewarding, both personally and professionally, which isn’t the focal point of celebration by the Post or other critics. That’s a much, much better argument to have than whether or not Jay should’ve been staring at Bey’s fatty before the kids go to bed.

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