The Power Of Feminine Wiles: Standout Qualities Women Take To The Boardroom

January 31, 2014  |  

Sure, thinking like a man in the workplace can help you deal with  your male co-workers at times, especially if you are in a male-dominated field. But there are unique qualities women bring to the corporate world. In fact, Sharon Hadary and Laura Henderson, co-authors of How Women Lead: The 8 Essential Strategies Successful Women Know, say the way women lead in the workplace will be the leadership style of the future.

Here are qualities men can learn from woman and use to help them succeed in business:

Empathy, but not sympathy: Woman can intuitively read people. “Most women are emotional savants and practical.  They can recognize emotions, needs and concerns faster than their male counterparts without sacrificing an organization’s bottom line, saving time and money,” business consultant and career coach Princess Clark-Wendel tells MadameNoire in an interview. “This skill is invaluable especially if a company fears losing a valuable customer, contract or employee.”

Rewarding equally and effectively: Women like to reward the whole team; men like to reward individuals. “A man might offer his standout employees a trip or a cash bonus while a woman is more apt to give rewards based on group performance. That may mean you’re not going to Vegas this weekend, but in the long run, prizing everyone’s contribution leads to a culture of individual growth and greater dedication overall,” reports Yahoo! Shine.

All-Inclusive: Men like to go solo, whereas women believe in collaboration, which is great for team-building. By consulting others you can more easily get data you need. And women aren’t credit hogs.They like to share the credit with the team.

The ability to influence: Women tend to handle situations with more finesse and thus can persuade even the biggest disbelievers. “Women are skilled in the art of persuasion; women know image is just about everything. They use it to along with their ability to empathize to build credibility and gain buy in,” says Clark-Wendel.

Information seekers: If a woman doesn’t know something they doesn’t have a problem seeking out experts for an answer. “You ask the experts for their insight. If you were choosing a new school for your kids, you’d check in with friends and neighbors. You’d look up rankings and comments online. And you’d visit your top choices, and speak to teachers and administrators. That’s because you naturally realize what many studies have proven-that different people are best informed about various facets of a situation and the more diverse the group, the better the solutions that emerge,” reports Yahoo! Shine.

Passionate and focused: Women will put her all into something they believe in. “Women will eat a mission they believe in. When connected to a company, project, product or cause they believe in women become laser focused,” explains Clark-Wendel. “A focused employee stays the course and commits to a successful end.  This often leads to passion. Passion creates profits faster than compensation.”

Consideration for others: Women bosses will take into account how their decisions affect everyone. “Women do a good job of communicating the tough stuff within a greater context, emphasizing the issues considered – such as the need to meet a deadline that’s been moved up or the loss of a major financial backer – and balancing them with business realities that everyone, despite their position, has to live with,” reports Yahoo! Shine. They’re also more likely to be respectful of a person’s personal time. “Women realize that you also have a personal life,” says Hadary. So if you have a sick child at home or a personal commitment that doesn’t allow you to work late, a woman boss is more likely to be understanding and respect your off-hours.

Masters at multitasking: Woman tend to have juggle a lot of things at home and this transfers to the office as well. “Today’s woman is no different from yesterday’s.  She brings home the bacon and fries it up in the pan.  She is a multitasker.  That ability to integrate tasks leads to more efficiency and productivity. Women achieve more in less time,” says Clark-Wendel.

Keeping aggression in check: Women are less likely to verbally attack a co-worker or an employee.  “Women understand there are a lot of complexities to why something may have happened,”  Henderson tells Yahoo! Shine. “They work for resolution and understanding what may have happened and making sure it doesn’t happen again.”

What are some qualities you think men should adopt from women in the workplace? Do you agree with all of those listed here?

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