Algebra Blessett Releases New Album, Schools Fans On How To Find More Happiness Than They Ever Fathomed

January 28, 2014  |  

We first met Algebra Blessett and her soul-infused honey-like voice in 2008 when she dropped the single “U Do It For Me.” Like her music, Algebra is real, honest and sincere about the art she makes, which is why today she’s releasing a new album, “Recovery,” with no inhibitions. We had a chance to chat with Algebra about her sophomore release and what it means to recover from circumstances, even if the changes you go through are ones of happiness. Check out the Q&A here:

Would you still describe your musical style as neo-soul?

I was signed to Kedar Massenburg’s label and he initially coined the phrase “neo-soul.” He had D’Angelou and Erykah Badu on his label so because I worked with him I automatically got put under that umbrella. For me, I will always perform rhythm and blues but I have a live band and perform with my guitar. It depends on the platform. I do R&B, but to be honest I never knew what “neo-soul” was suppose to sound like. I just felt I was performing good rhythm and blues because it was not pop, locking and dropping. Neo-soul is stories and evoked emotions.

What can you tell us about your new album “Recovery”?

“Recovery” is my sophomore album and it was a strategic process in my musical journey. I knew what subject matters I wanted to talk about and how I wanted to convey certain things. Just like the album’s title, the album is about going from one place to another. Of course the album talks about recovering from heartache or other sorrows in our lives. I also talk about thinking you are so happy in your life and then something happens; you had no idea you could experience another level of happiness. All of that is a recovery process- going from being used to something to actually accepting and reveling in the possibility of being even happier. And just letting it be, because sometimes when you get into a place of not knowing how to function after things change, whether it is good or bad, it takes time getting used to.

For the “Nobody But You” music video, you took the visual aspect of Lucy and Schroder from Charlie Brown. Why is that?

I am a big cartoon fan and I absolutely love Charlie Brown. So my team and I talked about it. The song represents a woman professing her love to this guy who you may or may not know and whether he is insecure or just be ignoring her. That storyline reminded me of Lucy and Schroder from Charlie Brown because Lucy loves Schroder so much. She needed counseling, that is how much she loved him and Schroder didn’t notice it. He was so involved with his love for the piano. Sometimes we can miss out on certain types of love because we “know” what we love but we are not ready to experience other types of love.

In an article by Boombox, you shared your main purpose of this album was to remain true to yourself. How difficult is that asa female singer in the music industry?

It’s very difficult, especially if you lose sight of your initial purpose. You have to stand firm on what you want to sing, how you want to dress or how you want to look. I am natural and I hardly show that much skin even though I have a smaller frame. If I choose to show it all, I can. But that is my power within those boundaries. If I want to cover up and just show my lips and nose, I have the power to do that if I want to. So those become the top layers of the nuisances we have to go through as women especially in the industry. In certain fields you have to dress the part that comes with your occupation. For me, I have been able to create my own part, do what I want to do, say what I want to say and sing what I want to say. Most importantly, I am able to just be honest with me. If I look back on it, the moment I didn’t do what I was suppose to do, I regretted it.

Who is your dream artist to work with?

I enjoy seeing new artists come out because I remember what that felt like even though I am still kind of new. There are so many journeys in becoming the artist you want to be. I would love to do a song with Jill Scott. I like her so much– I love that she is a lyricist. She is a sound bite and I like her energy. I think she is a beautiful person, too. I enjoy Kendrick Lamar and I would like to sing with Drake, Andre 3000 and Cee-Lo.

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