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February 6, 2014  |  
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Even if they seem like small things, when you’re with a man who doesn’t ask about/care about these matters, it can cause a big problem. Here are 14 aspects of your life he should care about.

Your health regiment

If you’re committed to going to the gym every evening, but every evening he tries to guilt trip you into coming to happy hour with friends, and makes you feel “lame” for being a gym rat, your waist line will take a hit.

Your diet

If you’ve decided to cut gluten/dairy/meat out of your life, but your guy constantly suggests restaurants that serve nothing that fits your requirements, he clearly doesn’t take your health goals very seriously.

Your dog

Even if he’s not a dog person, if you so much as mention that your dog was having stomach issues one week, your guy better check in a few times that week to see how little Rascal is doing.

Your best friend

If you’re distraught over your friend who is depressed from a breakup, your guy should at least feign an interest. And he should ask every so often how that friend is doing, and if there’s anything you two can do together to cheer her up.

Your relationship with your mom

If your mom drives you nuts, he should sympathize with your irritation. If she makes you feel insecure, he should swoop in to make you feel confident. He should understand the importance of your arguments with your mom, and be on your side.

Your relationship with your sister

The relationship between sisters is a complicated one. In many ways, we know who we are because of our siblings, whether it’s a comparison or contrasting thing. Your guy should be listening when you talk about your relationship with your sister; he can learn a lot about you.

Your big dream

If your dream is to eventually open your own restaurant, your guy should occasionally be doing things like giving you flyers for night cooking classes he found, or offering to take a cooking class with you.

Your daily stresses at work

Even if they’re menial—like the coworker that eats all the snacks by 10 am or the boss who speaks to you in a patronizing manner—he should remember, he should ask, and he should care.

Your financial goals

If you say you really want to cut back on weekend spending, you can’t be with a guy who is constantly goading you to go to concerts or on weekend trips, taking the “live in the moment” mentality.

Your va-jay-jay health

Hey, he’s enjoying that thing: so he better hear the details of your gyno visit. And he better be okay with you canceling a date to go for a checkup. And he better let you store your cranberry capsules for va-jay-jay health at his place so you don’t forget to take them.

Your style

Your style is an extension of you! If you’re really into dressing like a pin-up girl in high-waisted skirts, with baby doll bangs, red lipstick and polka dot blouses—if that’s how you feel beautiful—and he thinks it’s strange, you’ll have confidence issues fast in that relationship.

Your home

He shouldn’t leave dirty dishes around, and he should care when he notices a broken cabinet. He should at the very least suggest you get it fixed, or try to fix it himself! He should notice if it’s too cold in there, and buy you a space heater!

Your pick-me-ups

Whatever it is for you—a trip to a thrift store, a Frappucino, a silent movie—he should know your pick-me-ups, he should know where to find them/how to facilitate them, and he should make them happen for you when you’re down.



Your career

If you have a presentation to prepare for, he should be eager to help you. If you have a networking event you’re nervous to attend, he should offer to go with you. He should feel your successes are his successes.

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