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Your friends might make it obvious when they don’t like your guy, but your guy’s friends won’t let on if they don’t like you. Guys just feel bad being cold towards a female. So how can you really tell if your boyfriend’s friends like you? Here are 14 things they look for in you.

You don’t criticize his clothes

He can wear his silly Ninja Turtles t-shirt and you don’t say a word: you love it because he’s happy in it.

You don’t make him shave

When he experiments with a mustache or goatee—as all guys do at some point—you don’t roll your eyes, or withhold sex, or insist he just shave it off. You let him have his fun.

You don’t mind going to bed before he does

If you and him are partying with some friends at his place and you get tired, you happily go to bed alone: you don’t force him to come to bed with you and shut down the party.

You don’t mind going home alone/staying out later than you wanted

If the two of you are out with friends and you get tired, you’re fine taking a cab home alone, or just sticking it out and staying out until your guy is ready to go home. You don’t force him to go home with you.

You’ll make unplanned late night drunk stops

Maybe you’re the designated driver for your guy and his friends. You’re already dropping three different people off at three different places when there’s talk about Pizza Hut. Suddenly, everybody really wants Pizza Hut. Instead of getting annoyed, saying no, and making your boyfriend back you up, you go to Pizza Hut gladly!

You don’t mind him getting drunk

If he wants to get good-old-fashioned wasted once in a while, you’re happy he’s letting loose. You don’t make passive aggressive comments, patronize him or tell him he’s being annoying. You’re just happy he’s having a good time.

You ask them about themselves

Everybody likes to talk about themselves! Your guy’s friends notice if you take an interest in them. They’re an extension of him and if you care about them, you clearly care about him.

You give him nights to himself

When your guy’s friends call him up to hang out, they don’t anticipate him saying every single night, “Ah I’m actually with my girlfriend tonight.” They know you give him nights to himself and you don’t complain about it.

You don’t text and interrupt their hang out’s

They can hang out with him for an entire afternoon without him pausing the conversation a dozen times to respond to a text from you.

He’s getting laid a lot

Your guy’s friends want him to get laid! And an active sex life is the sign of a healthy relationship. If he tells them you two get it on a lot, they’re not worried about your relationship.

You’re supportive of his career

You’ve never suggested he try a different line of work or shot down one of his ideas. You encourage him when he’s feeling down and you’re genuinely excited for him when he succeeds. You’re on his team, no matter what.




You don’t mind having them around

If you like them you can almost guarantee they’ll like you! And they’ll appreciate that you’re not a stickler for “alone time,” but instead take a “the more the merrier” mentality.

You can get your own drink

You don’t mind getting up and mixing your own drink, or going to the bar and paying for your own drink, when your guy is deep in conversation.

You pay for him (and maybe them) sometimes

You pick up the bill sometimes. You’ve even covered a pitcher of beer or two for your guy and his whole group of friends.

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