What Would You Do If Your Man Proposed To You In Front Of A Large Crowd?

January 21, 2014  |  

On Monday’s episode of Love and Hip Hop New York, we finally had the chance to find out what happened a few months ago when Joe Budden proposed to his on-again, off-again love, Tahiry. This all happened in November, and when video was captured of the two in Times Square, Budden ready to put a ring on her finger, Tahiry awestruck by the gesture (which included a short video on a jumbotron screen), it all seemed beautiful. But what we weren’t aware of back then was the two had hit a rough patch in their relationship after Budden allowed another woman to lay her concealer-wearing face on a pillow in their bed. Because of that, Budden and Tahiry had actually broken up, and she was trying to move forward. But there he was, trying to do a grand gesture for her to not only get her back, but to show her that losing her made him realize that she is who he wants to spend the rest of his life with (after 10 years of games…). Unfortunately for the rapper, he hadn’t really worked on getting his s**t together, and so in front of their family and friends in the middle of the crunkest place on earth, she said no; not just no, but she also gave him a piece of her mind in the process. In the end, he walked away with his eyes watering, pride beaten the hell out of, walking away with his heart on his sleeve. Saying no in front of family and complete strangers wasn’t something Tahiry found enjoyment in, but it was something she clearly had to do for herself.

That made me want to ask: What would you do if the man in your life (or the ex man) tried to propose to you in front of a large crowd of people?

What if he collected your close friends, your family members, even Pookie and ‘nem from down the street, to show you how much he loves you and wants to take things to the next level? Once again, from the outside looking in, it always looks adorable, but to be the woman standing crowded in by teary-eyed folks (like a scene out of The Walking Dead) as your man gets down on one knee, it’s probably jarring.

A colleague of mine actually just went to an outing with friends where her good friend was proposed to by her man; interesting enough, he did all this at his own birthday party. While the guy thought it would be such a romantic idea, when his girlfriend finally arrived and all their friends got excited and put their eyes on him, nerves kicked in and he could barely collect his thoughts. The girlfriend walked in and was so shocked she was damn near scared at all the people who showed up for what should have been an ordinary birthday party for her man. Because his nerves were still shot, her boyfriend didn’t have a sweet statement to make. He just got fell down to his knee, opened the box, showed her the ring and didn’t really say anything. The girlfriend grabbed the rings, and that was it. My colleague says she had to eventually ask out loud, “Is that a yes??” To which the friend finally said, “YES! It’s a yes!” Nice idea, but no…

So what would you do? If you like being the center of attention, being proposed to in front of everyone you love (and maybe some haters) sounds like an awesome idea. However, if you’re not one of those people, I assume you can be filled with some major anxiety. And what happens if you’re actually not 100 percent sure if you want to say yes? It’s hard enough trying to sit down and make major decisions by myself in the peace and quiet of my own home, so I can’t imagine trying to make the biggest decision of my life (so far) in front of everyone I know. So, what would you do?

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