NeNe Makes Porsha Cry, Phaedra And Kandi Trash Chuck And More From RHOA Episode 11

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After last week’s massive amount of drama caused by Chuck Smith and Peter Thomas, this week’s RHOA was more calm, but still full of tears and shade. But then again, what episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta isn’t? Let’s get into it:

Phaedra and Kandi Talk Childish Chuck

Phaedra heads over to Kandi’s place to see her and her salt & vinegar chip eating dog. When the ladies sit down to chat, Phaedra spills the beans on Chuck calling both women “part of the team” and saying he never was in a committed relationship with either of them. Kandi says Chuck wants some attention since his career has faltered (“He’s bringing up our names to get poppin’ off of us”) and Phaedra called him  a “light skinned Frankenstein” and a man with a teeny pen*s (“I don’t like bite size brownies and I don’t like cocktail sausages”).

Malorie, Peter And Cynthia Clear The Air

Malorie is still chilling at Cynthia and Peter’s house, making beaded bracelets and trying to bond with her sister again. But someone not ready to “bond” is Peter. Malorie tells him that he made her feel unwelcome when Cynthia told him that she was staying for two months, but Peter says his real beef was with Cynthia: “It’s about how she dealt with things.” He felt that she should have spoken to him before telling Malorie she could stay. From there, Malorie changes the subject to be nosy, and wonders if Peter’s anger has something to do with the lack of sex he’s getting. He says they’re too angry at each other most of the time to get it in, and Cynthia disagrees. Peter responds with a, “Are you delusional about our relationship?” Cynthia lets him know that the woman from early in their relationship who wanted to have sex back-to-back all the time is going to return, but it looks like Peter will believe it when he sees it.

Meet Kenya’s Equally Outspoken Daddy

Daddy Moore! Not only does Kenya look like her dad, but she talks like him too. The opinionated man (who talks in slow motion) was critical of his daughter’s feet (“look at them corns!”) and her home, but after all those disses, Kenya was finally able to reveal to pops that she wants to start a family. However, she says that in order to do that, she would like to resolve things with her mother first. He thinks it’s a terrible idea, and instead of trying to understand where she’s coming from, tells her that she needs to leave all that drama in the past.

Porsha And Kordell Can’t Agree On The Money She Should Walk Away With

After pretending they could maybe work things out last episode, Porsha and Kordell couldn’t and they headed back to divorce court to duke it out. The two couldn’t come to an agreement on how much money Porsha should walk away with since they didn’t have a prenuptial agreement, and that had Porsha pissed. She felt that she gave up so much for him, including leaving the work force to stay at home and raise his son, that she deserves more, and just better in general, than what he’s giving her and how he’s treating her. Her lawyer tells her that since they couldn’t come to an agreement, a judge will determine what her years as Mrs. Kordell Stewart were worth monetarily.

Todd Bails On Kandi’s Play To Go For Job That Would Have Him Gone For Months

As Kandi gets excited about trying to get her play (based on her life) together, Todd isn’t. He gets an interview to produce an international show in different countries all over the world, and in order to do it (if he gets the gig), he’ll have to pass on working on Kandi’s play. It seems he was hinting at wanting to bail out before even telling her about the job opportunity, as he kept trying to tell Kandi that he knew nothing about doing plays and that she should get an expert to help out. When he finally spilled the beans, Kandi burst into tears because she felt like he was using her play as some type of burden that was holding him back from doing what he really wants to. But she told him that if he really wanted the job, just go and do it. Don’t let her be the reason he is sticking around.

NeNe and Cynthia Meet Kenya’s Dad; Talk Kandi’s “Chitlin Circuit” Play

NeNe and Cynthia decided to visit Kenya, and before they could even get in the door, they were being nosy about the Bentley in her driveway. Kenya, who asked folks to come over, only to ambush them with expectations to help her paint, revealed that her Bentley did come from her unknown African boo who “spoils” her. Cynthia and NeNe also had the chance to meet Kenya’s dad, who randomly let them know that he doesn’t let his daughter (who was complaining about his cigar habits), let alone, any women at that, tell him what to do…Anywho, after he left exited stage left, Kenya decided to ask NeNe if she’s doing Kandi’s “chitlin circuit” play. After pretending like her schedule was too full, NeNe finally admitted that she just thinks that she’s above going from a “Ryan Murphy production” in Glee to a “Kandi Burruss production.” Is she though?

Phaedra and Kandi Confront Porsha About Living Above Her Means

While NeNe and Cynthia met up with Kenya, Phaedra and Kandi went to check out Porsha’s new digs far away from the city, and in the same neighborhood as NeNe’s home. Of course, they were blown away by the 8,000 square foot home, but it didn’t take long for them to worry that she was “trying to keep up with the joneses, or the Leakes” as Phaedra said. Porsha told them she’s leasing to buy the place, and that the home was motivation for her. But Phaedra told her, “We don’t spend money to get motivated!” When the conversation finally changed, Porsha told the women that she’s been going through a lot lately. Reconciliation talks with Kordell fell apart, they’re back in battle in court, and she’s even been having panic attacks. They try to be as understanding as they can, but we all know they’re still trying to wrap their heads around Porsha’s oversized home.

Cynthia Has Bead Launch Party For Malorie; Mal Bumps Heads With Kenya

At the party Cynthia threw to show off Malorie’s beaded creations, drama was sure to start, and it did. After meeting Kenya, Malorie was talking to Phaedra about her decision to barge into Cynthia and Peter’s home for two months while her husband is playing ball in Korea. Kenya came over to be nosy, and when she heard about what Malorie had done, Kenya laughs it up and starts talking crazy: “What planet are you living on Malorie!?” Eventually, Mal lets Kenya know that she doesn’t know her well enough to talk so sideways, and Kenya says, “You DON’T know me very well cause I don’t hold my tongue.” Cynthia eventually has to pull Malorie away to tell her that at a party to sell her beaded bracelets, the customer always needs to be right, including Kenya’s trifling behind.

The Ladies Tell NeNe About Porsha’s Home In Her Neighborhood And NeNe’s Pissed

Early in the party, Porsha told the ladies (except Kenya I guess) not to tell NeNe that she had moved into her neighborhood. But of course, both Phaedra and Kenya went out of their way to tell NeNe about Porsha’s move, and NeNe wasn’t too happy. When Porsha came over to tell her that it was supposed to be a surprise, NeNe told her that she was once again a bad and shady friend, and Porsha walked off to shed some tears, telling Cynthia, “I’m gonna have a nervous f**king breakdown. I can’t deal.”

Porsha And NeNe Hash Things Out, Porsha Admits She’s Needy

In the end, NeNe feels bad about making Porsha cry, and Porsha tells her that she was just having a bad day, if not week, and has been feeling really needy and stressed lately. NeNe tells her that she would have liked to have known that Porsha was even interested in moving into the area, because she could have helped her, but in the end, they hug it out. In the midst of all that, Kenya, pissed that Porsha is crying about Kordell again, tries to get all eyes on her and twirls her way out of the party, into traffic, and almost twirls herself into a moving vehicle. Her middle name needs to be “Extra.”

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