Evita Robinson’s Group Travel Organization Nomad•ness Travel Tribe Takes Off For Places Far & Wide

January 10, 2014  |  

Robinson’s passion for travel was sparked by being surrounded by fellow students who raved about their study abroad experiences. She wanted to go too. “I made a promise to myself that has soon as given the opportunity I was going to travel,” Robinson said.

She studied Film and Television Production at Iona College. After graduating she went on to attend the New York Film Academy, where she participated in the Digital Filmmaking program in Paris. Robinson said she remembers trying to soak in everything.

“I made another promise: to bridge everything I love with travel. I have learned so much and experienced so much while traveling, and I have to figure out how to sustain this,” Robinson said. She was on a mission.

When Robinson returned home to the Bronx, NY she said she remembers going through a period of depression from travel withdrawal. “My boyfriend at the time didn’t know what was going on,” Robinson said. She yearned for more adventure.

Since her first taste of Europe, in 2006 at age 21, Robinson has traveled to twelve countries on three different continents. But the turning point for her adventures happened after being laid off from her job in the corporate world. She reached out to one of her old college friends who talked about the amazing experiences she had while living in Japan. Her friend encouraged Robinson to apply for the same program. She went for it. “I remember living there for twelve months and having two months left. I wanted to bring my experience in Japan back home,” Robinson said, and this is what she did.

So far, Robinson has lived in New York, Paris, Japan and Thailand. Robinson believes living in various places has allowed her to broaden her perspective of the world and her place in it. Last year Robinson hit up around eight countries. However, she’s not finished collecting passport stamps just yet. Her dream trip is to Greece, and she plans to go sometime this year.“I love studying places that came before us,” Robinson said.

Robinson credits travel with helping her figure out what she is most passionate about and the community she wants to impact most. “I am most passionate about love, but I think a deeper look at that question is what I love in my life. Travel has been a huge part of my life and my identity.” Traveling has also allowed Robinson to consider the meaning of freedom: “Being able to go and come as please. People from my family have allowed me to be a dreamer… It has allowed me to be mentally free to do whatever I like,” Robinson said.


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