“It’s Required:” The 10 Best Moments From Episode 1 Of “Being Mary Jane”

January 8, 2014  |  
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Last night, BET’s new series “Being Mary Jane” made its series debut after keeping fans waiting all summer and fall for the followup to the movie of the same title which aired in July. The 6-month buildup to the show was intense and we hoped that the premiere would echo that intensity when it finally debuted and after witnessing all the chatter on Twitter following last night’s episode, I think we can say it definitely delivered.

In case you missed last night’s show or still have a few lingering thoughts/questions about the episode — like we do — here are the best moments from Season 1, Episode 1 of “Being Mary Jane.” What did you think?

MJ saves the day

Just so you know, there is no easing into “Being Mary Jane,” as we saw from last night’s season opener when Mary Jane had to break into her friend’s home and save her from an overdose. Though the resolve to that particular situation left a lot to be desired — like the fact that they both just went back to work after the friend tried to kill herself — we imagine that issue will be further explored as the series progresses and we’re happy to see a television drama take on the subject of black women and mental health.

So is it a date or not?

As much as we love looking at David (played by the insanely handsome Stephen C. Bishop), we have to say the good feeling we had about him staying at Mary Jane’s house to make sure she was okay after her friend’s suicide attempt, when he refused to answer whether his invitation to attend the Esperanza Spalding concert with him was a date or not was a major red flag. We kinda see why he’s labeled “Never Answer” in her phone now.

#TeamAndre versus #TeamDavid

Raise your hand if you wouldn’t mind having these two specimens exchanging words because of you in your front lawn. We thought all hell would break loose when Andre decided to pop up at Mary Jane’s house while David was there, but luckily MJ was smart enough to change that code when she found out ol’ boy was married. How are you just gone pop up at somebody’s house anyway?!

Step Aside!

Sigh. This one. Lawd knows a man like Andre would be hard to resist — even knowing he’s married — and his fancy for just popping up on people at their house, at Starbucks, at the gym — we’ll get into that later — well, he makes it hard on a sista. Thankfully, Mary Jane wasn’t falling for the okie doke…that morning at least.

Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to

As bad as we feel for Andre’s wife Avery, ol’ girl crossed the line showing up to Mary Jane’s job asking her questions about her sex life with her husband that we can’t even type here! I’m not sure if she’s just a glutton for punishment or somehow thought Mary Jane would beg her forgiveness if she stuck it to her, but trust the latter never happened. Mary Jane didn’t even bother to tell Avery she didn’t know Andre was married. And as far as Andre going down on her before they have sex, well, “it’s required.”

Anything for a story

Last night a lot of viewers were horrified at the newsroom scene that played out between Mary Jane and her boss Kara. In an effort to keep her job, Kara essentially forced Mary Jane to stay live on-air while their audience watched the last living moments of a couple who refused to evacuate from their home during a storm. Kara gushed over the fact that her team would no doubt win an Emmy with that coverage, but Mary Jane was appalled and reminded her boss that it’s her face and rep that were put on the line. Do you think Kara took it too far?

On to the next

On top of not being willing to call his concert invitation a date, we gave “Never Answer” who should now be labeled “Never Call” all types of side-eye when Mary Jane called him to share what she thought was good news about being off work and able to spend some time with him and he told her he already had other plans, i.e. another booty call. MJ was clearly pissed he could replace her so quickly and demanded to know whether he was having sex with that woman and her. We at least have to hand it to him for being honest.

This one again

If we were Mary Jane we probably would’ve changed our gym by now just to avoid a situation like this. As if she hadn’t run into Andre enough in one day, when Mary Jane went to the gym to work off her aggression from a rather frustrating day she looks over and who does she see? You guessed it.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

Speaking of flesh, can we talk about all the skin that was shown in the closing scene of “Being Mary Jane” last night? I don’t know about you, but I forgot Andre was married after that intense shower scene with him and Mary Jane at the gym. Hell, I think I even started answering the TV when he asked her “can I do this” and started kissing her. MN clearly doesn’t support adultery but LawdhammercyJesus that’s a lot of man to resist.

What did you think about the season premiere of “Being Mary Jane”?

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