The Ride Or Dies: 14 Signs Of A Great Friend

January 8, 2014  |  
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As the new year gets under way and you’re trying to proceed in a more positive direction by getting rid of people who aren’t good for you, try to not forget the people who are great.  Yes, you should get rid of any toxic and dead weight people in your circle, but remember to cherish the amazing people who have been with you as well.  Also, make sure that you fit this criteria of a great friend as well, and add what you feel is missing in the comment section.

Remember the adage:  True friends are like diamonds/ Precious and rare. / Fake friends are like autumn leaves/ they’re found everywhere.”

So let’s celebrate our diamonds:


See the Best in You

Life can be hard, and sometimes we’re our own worst critics.  But it’s great to have a person who will remind you that you’re not as bad as you think you are, and will remind you of your own greatness.


Love you when you’re Unloveable

No one is always sunshine and lollipops.  More times than we’ll like to admit, we’re pretty sucky people, who sometimes don’t deserve to have people around us.  However, your friend will love you unconditionally, even if it’s from afar, until you get yourself together.  That love will be there.


Encourages you to be your Best

Misery does love company, and even more commonplace, people don’t like to see others do better than them.  However, it’s that diamond of a friend that will encourage you to be better than you are now.


Finds Happiness in Your Joy

It takes a big person to be happy for others, especially when things might not be going as they might have hoped in their own lives.  But a friend who can celebrate with you for your success is a friend that’s priceless.

Won’t Cosign Your Foolishness

There are some people who think that being a good friend means being a “yes man/woman.”  However, a great friend won’t tolerate you dropping below a level that you should be.  If you’re acting crazy, they’ll call you out on it, and that’s hard to find: someone who is willing to love you enough to correct you.


Recognizes your potential

Along with not cosigning your foolishness, this friend will encourage you not get revenge, but get better.  They know your potential and want you to reach it.


Refuses to Let you Wallow in Your Own Self-Pity

Everyone needs a moment to feel sorry for themselves every now and then.  But after a certain amount of time, that can be a slippery slope into depression.  A great friend will at least try to pull you out of your funk and remind you of how great life is.


Will Allow you to Have a Good time, even when they’re not

There’s nothing worse than a vibe killer.  It takes a great friend who might not be up for celebrating, sees that you’re having a blast and won’t go out of their way to ruin the night.

Listens, and not just wait for their turn to Speak

Okay, this might be own personal preference, but it’s great to have a friend who can have a conversation.  Which means, they listen while you speak, and then retort, and vice versa.


Reminds You Who You Are

Sometimes you need someone to mirror a healthy reflection back to you, and like Carrie Bradshaw once addressed, great friends are the ones who can truly see you for who you are.


Don’t Hold Your Past Against You

No one is perfect, and if you were to go in anyone’s memory bank you’ll probably find some things that could make you want to look at them differently.  Well, a great friend might not like all that you’ve done, but he or she won’t hold it or use it against you.


Gives Guidance when Needed

Asking for help is hard, and doling out advice can be even harder.  A great friend will take that leap and help you if you need it, no questions asked.


Honest, no matter How Uncomfortable

Ezinne Ukoha wrote a really great piece about the value of honesty in relationships, and though it might be hurtful, I do believe that honesty is the best policy.  It might be hard to hear some things about yourself, but it will hurt even more if you’re in the dark.


Not Possessive

There’s nothing worse than going out with a group of friends and having that one friend treat you like property.  It’s as if you’re back in preschool, and you’re a ball that everyone wants to play with but only one child can have.  A great friend will allow you to have friendships outside of him/her.  When you have someone who is comfortable in your friendship, that’s a person who will be an asset.


This post is dedicated to my best friends, those who encourage the #diamondlife, and being sisters of excellence.  #SOISE, I love and appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.  -Kendra Koger @kkoger

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