The Biggest Misconceptions Men Have About Women

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When it comes to men, there are some who think they’ve got women all figured out and that they know us even better than we know ourselves. Naturally, with that type of mindset plenty of misconceptions run wild and end up being spewed around as truth. Here are 14 misconceptions men have about women that we’re here to clean up.

We all have the same type

There are some men out there who get this idea in their heads that all women are looking for the same type of guy. One who is super tall, amazingly good-looking, flawless, very rich, and very smart. Thankfully, not all women are looking for the same thing. Some of us like shorter men. Some of us like nerds. And some of us just want an average guy with a wicked sense of humor.

We only eat rabbit food

For some reason or another, there are some men who think that women’s diets consist of nothing but salads, vegetables, and other low-calorie foods. Maybe they don’t want to admit it but there are plenty of women out there who can pack away a pizza and hot wings. Guys, we have stomachs to fill too! Don’t be surprised when you take us out and we order a steak.

We all seek out mushy relationships

Sure some of us may like watching the same love story movies over and over again, but that doesn’t mean that we’re out there seeking a relationship that is head over heels lovey dovey. Not every woman is a hopeless romantic who is looking to be swept off her feet by a knight in shining armor. Some of us just want to be loved and cared about and could do without the overly gushy emotional relationship.

We play games just to play them

From a man’s side of things, women are prone to playing games just to push boundaries and test them. However, what men don’t understand is there’s a method to our madness. We test things to see just what kind of man you are so we don’t waste time on someone who isn’t worth it.

We’re all gold-diggers

Courtesy of certain songs and stereotypes, there is a good majority of men in today’s world that think that all women are gold-diggers. Sadly, most men just use this as a cover up for the fact that they aren’t competent when it comes to women. As nice as it is to have a man who has the means to take care of us, not every woman is out there looking for a man with money overflowing his pockets. Newflash: some of us make our own money and can support ourselves.

Most of us lack a good sense of humor

Women aren’t born with a one-size-fits-all sense of humor. Some of us are hard to make laugh while others of us have an outright raunchy sense of humor; it all depends on the woman. Just because we don’t find your corny joke to be funny doesn’t mean that we don’t like to laugh or that we lack of a sense of humor. Sometimes men just aren’t as funny as they think they are.

We really care about what kind of car you drive

Sure it’s nice to have a guy who drives around in an expensive car, but to most women, a car is just a bunch of metal and plastic put together. Just because you drive a BMW doesn’t mean that we’re going to immediately latch onto you and at the same time it doesn’t mean that just because you drive a clunker that we will immediately cut you off of the list of possibilities. A nice car is nice, but it’s not a necessity.

We’re interested if you’re interested

Sadly, when it comes to dating and relationships, things are never that easy. Just because you’re a good looking guy who is interested and is willing to do anything and everything to make us like you doesn’t mean that it’ll actually happen. Though we see it in the movies and on TV all of time, in real life it just doesn’t happen. No matter how many hoops you jump through, if we aren’t feeling you, we aren’t interested.

We all want to be housewives

For some women, staying at home and being a housewife, and possibly a stay-at-home mom, is an ideal situation. However, men should make note that not all women are looking to take on this type of role. There are some of us out there who want to go to work, make our own money, and pave our way to a successful career. Not every woman wants to be a Martha Stewart or Susie Homemaker.

All women are pure b!tche$

We all have tendencies that may make us seem a little crazy, rude, and mean, but we aren’t like that 100% of the time. Not all of us want to argue with our partners and not all of us are harsh and full of heated words. Men tend to get head strong women confused with a b!tchy one. In the end, we’re not all full of arguments and not all of us are looking to be overly confrontational.

We like men who boast, a lot

As much as men may think it, boasting about themselves doesn’t really raise our level of interest. It’s definitely nice to be around a successful man but there comes a time when boasting just becomes way too much. When a man brags about himself and his accomplishments nonstop, it can easily cross the line into desperation. We aren’t looking for a man who boasts a lot and is overly cocky. It won’t make us like you.

We like to be chased

While some women may love being chased, it’s not true for everyone and not every woman is in love with the idea of being chased. However, the fact is that just like men, women love the challenge of a chase as well. Compliments are nice and we want you to impress us, but overdoing it isn’t good at all. Giving us too many compliments and going overboard to impress us just looks sad. In fact, it can be a turn off.

We only care about looks

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in the end we all have different traits that we find physically attractive. While we want to be able to date a man who we are attracted to, looks aren’t everything, nor will looks carry a relationship. Dating an attractive man is nice, but the more important part is that a man has a good personality. Without the personality women quickly lose interest.

We’re expecting a p*rnstar in bed

While we can’t say that we don’t like a guy who at least knows what he’s doing in bed and knows how to please a woman, not every female is looking for a guy who can perform like a p*rnstar. Some of us are willing to deal with a learning curve. Though we don’t want a guy who is a flat our bust, we don’t all have outrageous expectations either.

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