15 Reasons To Turn Down A Marriage Proposal

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He’s going to pop the question so the question for you is, should you say “I do”? Once the ring is out, there’s a lot of pressure to say yes, but not every relationship is meant to last forever. Sometimes a proposal is actually the perfect time to say “I don’t.” Here are 15 reasons to turn down a marriage proposal.

He’s A “Reformed” Cheater

It’s not a magic ring. If he cheated during your relationship, chances are he’ll cheat during your marriage too.

Everyone Hates Him

There’s a Mama Joyce in every camp. But if most of your friends and family think he’s bad news, they may be on to something.

It’s An Apology Proposal

He messed up big time, now he’s offering marriage as a way to say he’s sorry. You’re better off waiting until the question comes from a positive place.

You Were Thinking About Bouncing Before You Got The Ring

Once the ring fever wears off, the reasons you wanted to end it will crop up again.

He’s Seeing Someone Else

You wouldn’t think this needed to be said, but after the last few episodes of “Love and Hip Hop” we thought we’d better go over the basics again.

You Don’t Want to Hurt His Feelings

Just because he’s a nice guy doesn’t mean he’s the right guy.

Your Clock Is Ticking

Better to wait and do it right once rather than get married now and miss out on the real thing.

You’re Doing It For the Kids

That may sound like the right thing to do, but kids are happier with two happy parents than in a family that’s always fighting.

You Fantasize About Better Bedroom Game

It sounds superficial, but if he’s not satisfying you in the bedroom it could mean that the chemistry between you too just isn’t right.

You’re Not Done With The Single Life

Sometimes the man is right but the timing isn’t.

The Word “Forever” Makes You Nervous

You may love him, but not every woman is cut out for marriage. Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself — or with him.

His Paycheck Is A Major Factor

Stability sounds nice, but marrying a man just because he’s ballin’ can backfire. Just ask Porsha Stewart.

You’re Too Young

An Oxygen poll recently revealed that 82% of adults think that your early 20s is too young for marriage. Why? Because you don’t know enough about yourself to know if he’s right for you. And because a whopping 72% of kids who marry under the age of 20 end up getting divorced.

Things Have Gotten Physical

Chances are, things are going to get worse after you’re married, not better. And that’s not a house you want to raise a family in.

You Don’t Share the Same Values

You want kids, he doesn’t. Big issues like that don’t resolve themselves over time. Better to walk away from an engagement than a marriage.

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