Don’t Get Slapped With A Manila Folder: 14 Annoying Office Habits

January 8, 2014  |  
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There’s always the one co-worker you want to smack with a manila folder. The person is completely oblivious to their annoying office habits. For those in the office life or cubicle life struggle, there are a few annoying habits that will drive anyone up a wall. And hopefully you aren’t the one with the terrible habits!

Clicking Your Pen

In the name of all that is Office Depot, please stop clicking your pen during meetings and at your desk. Understandably, it is a nervous habit for some and many people don’t realize they are doing it at all. But how about trying some pens with caps instead?

Stacking Papers on the Copier

If your office copier is a dinosaur like most, you know it is very temperamental which means we must all play nice with this particular technology. Occasionally there will be unclaimed copies in the output tray and people decide to stack the papers on top of the copier as if that’s the most logical solution. That’s a quick way to cause a jam and now the person behind you has to clean up the mess.

Talking to people who have on head phones

Headphones are the universal sign for leave me alone. Don’t be the person trying to carry on a conversation with your co-workers who are clearly not up to chatting and deep into listening to a podcast or music to make the day go by.

Sitting on someone’s desk

Why can’t people just stand to talk? There are a few co-workers that will come lean their behind right on your desk and papers to have a conversation. Go. Away.

Taking and Touching desk supplies

In the movie Office Space, the co-worker burns down the office after someone takes his stapler. We’ve all been there. Taking a pen, stapler, highlighter or anything to borrow it “right quick” and return it without permission could, quite possible, get you cussed out.

Stealing lunches and condiments

There’s a special corner of purgatory for people that steal lunches or condiments. Your co-workers know that ketchup bottle is yours and yet you see it slowly start to diminish and you haven’t even used it yet! It’s completely crazy that grown adults have to lock up a drawer of snacks because people don’t know how to ask!


Why aren’t you prepared? You go to work every day and yet you manage to come without tissue, napkins, salt and pepper, paper clips and more. If you always need to borrow something from your co-workers it is very annoying! Don’t be a moocher and go get some supplies.

“Well Actually…”

Shut up. The person that must always say “well actually” in the meeting (or via email) to correct someone is annoying. Nobody likes a know it all.

The loud personal conversation

“And then I told him he could get his stuff and go!” Errr, we can all hear you. These cubicles aren’t sound proof and neither is the conference room that you snuck into to have this conversation. Text it out or email it but please stop having this annoying habit.

Loud vibrating phones and ringers

Turn the phone to silent. The vibrate is just as loud as the ringer that you also leave on sometimes.

Reply All

Why. Why in 2014 can people still NOT be aware of reply all? A rule of thumb is double and triple check the send box. Breathe for a full minute before you press send so that you can avoid this sometimes embarrassing and annoying habit.

Heating up pungent food in the microwave

No one is saying you can’t eat your fish and curry. You just need to eat it outside. And while we are on the subject, don’t burn the popcorn either. We all have to work in the space for hours at a time, let’s try to not get on everyone’s nerves by warming up a full seafood dinner.

Constantly asking “are you okay” or “why don’t you smile more”

This is a life rule for dealing with introverts. Not everyone wants to smile all day or have tons of small talk. It’s okay. Leave people alone. As long as the person is doing their job you don’t need to be the fun/ good mood police.


Interrupting someone’s lunch to ask about work

Our society is a work until you drop type of culture and that isn’t always healthy. Some bosses or co-workers will find you on lunch or clearly see you enjoying your lunch and interrupt to ask about a project. The world won’t end in the 30 mins to 1 hour someone has for lunch. Let people eat in peace.

Do you have or know of any more annoying office habits? Share in the comments below!

Dee Rene is the author and creator of @laughcrycuss

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