9 Reasons You Stay On Facebook Even Though It’s Kinda Played Out

January 6, 2014  |  
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In this day and age with Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and a whole bunch of other social media sites, the old faithful, Facebook can get kind of lost in the shuffle. After weeks if not months of Facebook-less internet surfing, you might be asking yourself why am I still on Facebook? Well my friends, let me break it down for you.

Helps you keep in touch with your family 

You’re Aunt Shirley in Arizona and your grandma back home in the midwest might not be too hip on services like Skype and FaceTime but they do have a Facebook account. And if you want to keep up with the highlights of their lives, they’ll probably post them through photos and statuses on Facebook. And as impersonal as that may sound, it’s quite helpful. Have you ever had someone in your family ask you “Have you spoken to your cousin so-and-so lately?” And you quickly reply yes before you stop and realize that you actually haven’t, you’ve just been paying attention to their Facebook page? It really does give you the impression that you’re still well connected.

It’s the high school reunion you won’t attend 

Maybe high school wasn’t the best time of your life and perhaps you never want to see some of those people again. But that doesn’t mean you’re not nosey. You still want to know what ever became of your frenemy, the girl who was pregnant your senior year and the crush you never got the guts to speak to in your health class. You can stalk see all of those people on Facebook without having to really interact with them.

You love to relive your college glory years

I don’t know about you but when I was in college, nothing was official unless there was photo documentation of the event. Every party, every outing, every random movie night and study session in your girl’s dorm had to be commemorated with a picture. And while you can admit that perhaps you and your friends took things a little too far back in the day, you’re also very glad that you did. There’s no better way to reminisce on the marvelous college years than looking at old photos. It’s also a great way to tickle yourself with what you thought was hip and cute at the time.

To reminisce with your first love 

You may think I’m talking about that rusty-kneed boy you thought the sun rose and set on. But I’m not. When you get tired of all of your new boos Instagram, Twitter, Vine etc. and just want to see a familiar site, with familiar people, Facebook is there for you. Remember how cool it was to be on Facebook back in the day when you needed a university or college address to sign in? Sure, it was a little elitist and exclusionary but it was special.

Old School Photos 

One of the reasons Facebook cemented itself as your first love is because even though you don’t use it that much these days, it still serves as your digital photo album. Some of the greatest moments of your life have been captured on the social networking site. So when you’re in need of a TBT photo for Instagram and Twitter or you just want to take a stroll down memory lane, you know where to go.

Follow your favorite celebrity’s page

This is not for the average fan out there. But you’re a stan, whether you know it or not, chances are you’re “friends” with or following your favorite celebrity on Facebook. There’s a reason why your friend was the first to know Mariah Carey dropped a new single or is the first to share the different parts of the Beyoncé documentary.

Spy on your ex

You probably should have blocked him after that nasty breakup but the need to know is greater than your need to make a clean break. So while you would never write on his wall or even like one of his statuses, you can’t help but check up on the latest happenings of his life, including looking to see if his new boo is as fine as you. Of course she isn’t.

The best way to collect multiple opinions…

…from people whose opinions actually matter. Unless you’re a celebrity or have a substantial Twitter following, chances are you won’t be able to poll too many people about a particular issue. There are too many other voices competing for attention. But if you ask a question or want to have a discussion on Facebook, you’ll be surprised at the number of people who come from out of the woodworks to share their two cents.

No character limit 

Do you find that you’re often frustrated with the character limit on Twitter? Do you want to watch videos that are longer than 6 or 15 seconds? Facebook allows the freedom to be as longwinded and thorough as you want to be. Type away.

Does this pretty much cover it? Do you find that you’re still on Facebook for one or more of these reasons, or is it something else?

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