Peter And Cynthia Argue, Momma Joyce Has A Health Scare And Chuck Smith Is A Scumbag: RHOA Ep. 10

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Last night’s episode showed us a new and more independent Porsha, major arguments between Cynthia and Peter, and of course, the oh-so-thirsty-for-a-spot-on-the-show Chuck Smith, who basically called Phaedra and Kandi promiscuous chicks he played as a “big homie” back in the day. It was crazy, and because of that, we have soooo much to talk about. Let’s go!

Kenya Spills The Beans On The Savannah Trip And Chuck Smith

Take a good look at Kenya’s face, folks, because this was the only time we saw her during last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. She met up with Miss Lawrence to give him the tea on all that went down in Savannah. Of course, she couldn’t help but try and talk crazy about Phaedra because she didn’t receive the response or friendship she was hoping for from her after she tried to call a truce with the Southern belle (you did inappropriately text her husband, dear). She also told Miss Lawrence about all the drama with Mynique Smith, Kandi and Phaedra, since Mynique questioned them about their relations or actual relationships with her husband, Chuck Smith, from back in the day. Of course, Mr. Smith will be a major player in this week’s recap of the episode, and he is indeed a character.

Allow Him To Reintroduce Himself, His Name Is Chuck

Speaking of Chuck, in the next scene of last night’s episode, he invites Phaedra and NeNe to meet him for drinks. The three all went to the same high school (even though NeNe swears she NEVER knew Phaedra), and initially, I think we were all assuming he was there to hash some things out about what his wife, Mynique, said about the eye-opening trip to Savannah. But surprise, surprise–he’s there on business. He asks the ladies to go back to Athens, Ga. with him to give some encouraging words to the kids at the Boys and Girls Club. At that point,  the former football star seemed like a really intelligent and giving man…but that wouldn’t last long.

Malorie’s Back, And She’s Trying To Stay For A While (Without Permission From Peter)

Guess who’s back! Malorie! Cynthia’s sister and Peter’s worst enemy. Mal Mal and Cynthia head out to pick up beads and jewelry and while doing all that, the sisters try to hash out their issues. Issue number one is that Cynthia still holds some anger over the things Malorie said about Peter at their anniversary party last year. Apologies weren’t necessarily exchanged, but the women both want to mend their sisterhood and decide to try and move forward. That’s when Malorie tells Cynthia that she needs to stay with her and Peter for a whopping two months (issue number two). You would think this would be something Malorie asked Peter about too, or let Cynthia at least consult with him about, but then again, she’s determined to tear that relationship up, so she didn’t give a hot s**t. Lastly (issue number three), Cynthia tells Malorie about getting her fibroids removed and the effect all that mess has had on her sex drive. Malorie isn’t feeling Cynthia’s sad story and says that she should have sex with her man even when she’s tired. She even says that she gets tired from having sex two to three times A DAY with her own husband. Whatever battery she’s got in her back needs to be passed to Cynthia, because we all know that once a week is more of her thing, and that’s not going to keep any marriage hot…

Porsha Is An Independent Woman…Kind Of

Porsha goes out shopping (yet again), this time with her mother, Diane. She picks up her pooches and heads over to a store to get accessories and dresses for them. During this very pointless trip (seriously, dogs were meant to be free and naked, ya’ll!), she tells her mom that she’s found a home and is moving out. Who said that Porsha can’t be an independent woman out in these streets? Oh, it was me? Well, she proved me wrong…

Oh wait, but before heading out of the accessory store, she has her mom buy all the goods for her pooches. So much for being I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T.

Momma Joyce Has Returned To Give Kandi A Guilt Trip…

Just when we thought we had seen the last of Momma Joyce after her days of shoe throwing and eye-rolling, Kandi decides to meet up with her at Derek J’s salon where she’s getting her hair absolutely laid (What? It looked really good…). The two haven’t spoken since Momma Joyce said she was done with her daughter and Todd. Kandi comes in and tries to tell her mom and Derek about her new play, which is based on her life, but actually has a happy ending. Too bad Momma Joyce seems less than enthused by it (of course, the play doesn’t paint her in the best way).

As Derek runs off in his stilettos to take a call, Kandi and Joyce talk about Todd, and how her mom can’t be bothered with their relationship any longer. Joyce says that she went to the doctor, and for the sake of her health, which we initially assumed was deteriorating by her tone, she needs to leave them alone. She tells Kandi that what little life she has left, she wants to live for herself, and not trying to protect her daughter. Kandi asks her if the doctor told her something serious about her health and Momma Joyce tells her no. Of course, she just wanted to be dramatic to give Kandi yet another guilt trip for siding with her man over her mother. Enough already, Joyce…

Porsha Moves Into A Home She Can’t Afford And Tells Her Family She Reached Out To Kordell

We finally get to see Porsha’s new house, and it’s huge! But as her mom, Diane, gets excited and jumps on the huge kitchen counter in the six-bedroom house, she stops to ask her daughter if she actually has income coming in to afford it…The answer is no, but she says that the home is something of an investment in herself. She believes in herself and that she can do what’s necessary to be able to afford the spacious place. For most people, this would be a horrible idea, but for TV purposes, her family pretends there’s nothing wrong such a way of going about home ownership.

Porsha also informs her family of her communication with Kordell, and how he says that he doesn’t really want to get a divorce. Unfortunately, there’s no change in Kordell, as he told her to come home to him ASAP, or stay on her own and fend for herself. No conversation about more counseling or a probationary period to see how things go–just controlling Kordell. Porsha’s family tells her he needs to stay in her past, and as of this episode, it looks like Porsha agrees. She’s got her new home and a fresh start, so why mess with the same old Kordell?

Peter And Malorie Go At It

So Cynthia takes her sister to the new and improved Bailey Agency to show her around when up pops Peter. He’s less than excited about seeing Malorie, who feels the absolute same. Cynthia goes on to inform Peter that Malorie will need to stay with them for two months, and to say he was disgusted would be an understatement: “Oh, you just move into people’s houses without asking them?” His anger turns to Cynthia for not even informing him before the fact, and Malorie jumps in, calling him out for being mad at Cynthia for not consulting with her, yet he bought a Benz without consulting with Cynthia. A peeved Peter tells her that such a discussion is none of her business and proceeds to exit stage left after telling Malorie she’s “crazy as hell.” Cynthia seems disturbed by what just went down, while Malorie has that “mission accomplished” look on her face…

NeNe, Chuck and Phaedra Visit And Inspire The Kids

Chuck, NeNe and Phaedra finally make it to the Boys and Girls Club, and do they look like they’re having a good time or what!? NeNe dances, Phaedra plays the drums, folks hoop in Louboutins and tall wedges (Phaedra has a meeeeeeean jumper) and give motivational speeches to the kids. Phaedra (who Chuck introduces as a top lawyer in the country…) tells the kids to not think that growing up in a small town should hinder what they want to be and where they want to go. And NeNe (who is introduced as one of the top actresses in America…!), shares a similar sentiment, telling them to never give up. Chuck even provides some gems of advice, telling the young men in the audience to respect their mothers and their sisters, so basically women in general. Too bad he doesn’t practice what he preaches…

Chuck Quickly Turns Into The Scum Of The Universe

As Chuck, NeNe and Phaedra leave Athens and the Boys and Girls Club, the elephant in the room is finally addressed. Chuck wants to know why Mynique was claiming Phaedra and Kandi said they were Chuck’s “girlfriends” when they were young (Phaedra actually just said they dated, that’s all). Phaedra confirms that MYNIQUE is the one who started the unnecessary conversation, but says she didn’t make it seem she and Chuck were more than they really were. Unfortunately, Chuck isn’t buying it and says that not only did they never go out on a date, but that they were just the original “friends with benefits.” What makes it worse is that Phaedra says she went to his football games to support him and he replied with, “I had six different chicks stashed in the corners. You were part of the team. You and Kandi.” He goes on to imply that Kandi was messing with quite a few guys at the time they were doing their thing together too, and that he lied to her and tried to make her think she was special, but she wasn’t. The fact that we barely knew who this joker was, asked both NeNe and Phaedra to speak with children for him and then dogged Phaedra to her face made this whole scene extremely uncomfortable. Even NeNe didn’t know what to say (aside from seeking confirmation about Phaedra and Chuck having sex back in the day, because you know, she’s nosy).

Trouble In Paradise For Peter And Cynthia?

Finally at home ALONE, Cynthia and Peter sit down to talk, and they both agree that they haven’t been happy with the state of their marriage (and Malorie’s arrival is NOT helping). How should they work on it? Peter suggests that he get a “man cave” somewhere so that he can basically run when the going gets tough. Cynthia thinks it’s a dumb idea, because how can they work on their marriage if he walks out every time he’s frustrated? She goes on about feeling depressed and talks about their money issues (something Peter isn’t thinking about with that new Benz purchase) and Peter spazzes out. She tells him that he doesn’t have to raise his voice or curse, and he eventually gets up and leaves after telling her “You’re out of your mind!” and “F**k that!” After getting re-married in Anguilla last year, it looks like Cynthia and Peter are already dealing with some major marital drama–and you know they’ll broadcast all of it in the weeks to come…

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