11 New Year’s Resolutions All Black Women Should Make

December 31, 2013  |  
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Need help getting your stuff  in order in 2014? You’re not alone. To help you get off on the good foot on January 1, here are 11 New Year’s resolutions for black women to commit to for the next 12 months. And trust us when we say we’re talking to ourselves with these resolutions too.

1. Stop judging natural or relaxed hair

Look, it’s not your head; therefore it does not matter whether the sista next to you has been bantu knotting her natural tresses since the beginning of time or just got a touch up at the salon. Let it go and do what you do.

2. Stop proclaiming you’re going to find a white man to fix your relationship struggle

Black and white men aren’t all that different. We get the frustration with the dating landscape, but when you run around proclaiming you’re “going to find yourself a white man” — as if that’s the answer to all your problems — you’re no better than brothas chasing white women because “all black women are x,y, and z.”

3. Patron black businesses more /get your stuff together if you own a black business

We all really want to support black-owned businesses, but usually the obstacles are (1) a lack of options and (2) poor service (sorry!). Commit to shopping black more in 2014 by downloading apps like Around The Way that will help you find business in your area. And if you are a black business owner, please commit to offering competitive prices, being on time, and providing good customer service this year.

4. Help the community

We do a lot of talking about the problems, let’s actually do something to fix the ones we’re most passionate about this year.

5. Stop pu$$y policing

Along the lines of point one, it’s not your business what another woman chooses to do with her vajayjay. If she’s being smart about her sexual and reproductive health, that’s all we can ask. Let’s eliminate all variations of slut-shaming and mind our own hot pockets.

6. Stop judging other women period

It’s never a good look. Besides we’re judged enough by the outside world. It’s a good time to offer support to our fellow black woman.

7. Get your money right

Need we remind you of black women’s startling $5 net worth? Commit to getting your money right in 2014 — whatever that means for you. And make use of the tools we have on MN Business to help you do that.

8. Get a mammogram

Statistics show black women die from breast cancer at a much higher rate than white women because we tend to already be sicker when our cancer is actually identified. Mammograms — both at home and by a physician — are the best early detection tool we have. Make sure you put both on your list of things to do regularly in 2014.

9. Take control of your sexual health

In 2010, the estimated rate of new HIV infections for black women was 20 times as high as the rate for white women, and most HIV infections among black women (87%) are attributed to heterosexual sex. We can no longer stand by and expect men to be responsible for our bodies. Carry condoms, get tested regularly — even if you are in a monogamous relationship — and use discretion when it comes to choosing your sexual partners.

10. Get active

Black women have been slammed for their reluctance to work out and make their physical health a priority, and though we certainly know by now that Black Girls Run, not enough of us are. At the very least, commit to 30 minutes of physical activity each day, and revamp your diet to include less refined sugars, sodas, and carbs, and opt for whole grains and increased fruits and veggies.

11. Make time for me time

Generally speaking, women are nurturers and we tend to make time for everyone and everything else but ourselves. Don’t feel guilty about putting yourself first sometimes, in fact make that a priority. You can’t give your best to anyone else if you aren’t already doing it for yourself.

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