“I’m Not Ashamed Because I Can Sing My Face Off”: Tamar Braxton Addresses Her Recent Vocal Struggles

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Some of the strongest singers are some of the same folks whose voices are constantly at risk due to medical issues with their vocal chords. Adele was sidelined in 2011 after the release of her classic album 21 because of a polyp on her vocal chord that could have caused a chord hemorrhage. Even little Ariana Grande had to go sit down somewhere after the release of her album Yours Truly because of a hemorrhaged vocal chord. And Tamar Braxton has been very vocal (no pun intended) about the vocal problems she has been having at shows that have hindered a few of her performances. She went on a rant on Twitter in October to let her fans know what’s going on:

“Sometimes the devil will try & trick your mind to make you think you are loosing when you are clearly winning.#dontfallforit #GodisSoGood. I waited my WHOLE life 4this moment….& I have NEVER had this many voice issues. Its embarrassing &hurtful but ive come 2 far 2 give up now. Say whatever u like.Talk about how bad u think things r & How I should change this or that. But, im no where near where I was a year ago. I dont have time 2 talk u into liking me or understanding me. Cause no matter what u will always find fault when u r not perfect yourselves & honestly the ones talking the most wouldn’t last 1 min in my shoes! Thanks 2 the REAL #tamartianfriends 4 understanding me when I didn’t.”

But she went further to set the record straight while performing at Universal City Walk’s tree lighting ceremony (in California). She spoke to HipHopHollywood and said that her recent vocal problems are due to popped blood vessels and a lack of rest for her vocals. She says that some days are better than others, and she has to keep pushing on because folks have bills to pay, but she knows what her voice is capable of and is taking things one day at a time. Here’s the tea:

“Well, I’m on the mend. Some days is, it’s just not there and it’s only because I didn’t give myself time to heal correctly. Like, when Ariana Grande, when our albums came out the same day around the same time, both of our blood vessels popped. But I had it on both sides, she had it on one side. She took a break. Tay-tay went on the road! She just had a baby! Mkay!? She don’t live with her mama. You know? Everybody wants their checks on the first [laughs], so I went on the road. I didn’t allow myself time to heal, so, therefore, it’s going to take me longer. You know, I’m not ashamed [because] I can sing my face off at the end of the day. It’s there and you know, I don’t have to prove anything to anybody because whatever I had to prove, I have already proven to myself.”

In the video of her performance at Universal City Walk, homegirl was indeed singing her “face off” in her sequin gown, and fur (her makeup artist needs a talking to though), so we hope she will really allow herself and her voice in particular, to rest since it is very strong. Better to do that than to risk messing up your vocal chords for the long run…


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