People You Don’t Need To Talk To About Your Relationship

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Most women love talking about their relationships, especially when things are either going really well or really badly. We tell the real details in hopes of getting opinions and advice from those we talk to. But, no matter how much you want to talk about your relationship, there are definitely some people who don’t need to hear all about it. Here are 14 people you don’t need to talk to about your relationship.

An ex

If there is anyone who you don’t need to talk to about your relationship it’s an ex boyfriend. Not only does this create a really awkward situation, it also leaves you and your relationship information vulnerable to being spread around to people who you don’t want your info shared with. At the same time, if you’re talking to an ex about your relationship, you’re probably only looking to brag a little. Don’t go to your ex for an ego stroke. Besides, you won’t get unbiased and honest advice from someone you’ve dated previously.

A single bitter friend

If you’re expecting a friend who is single and bitter to care about your relationship, let alone give you good advice about dating, then you’re definitely mistaken. A single bitter friend more likely than not has a bitter attitude towards men which means that her advice and comments will be extremely biased. In fact, she may not say too much at all, expect how all mean are jerks and how they’re all out to hurt women.

Certain coworkers

When you spend a good majority of your time at work during the day, it’s hard not to touch upon the subject of relationships and dating. However, even though you may feel inclined to talk about your relationship to your coworkers, sometimes it can go downhill, quickly. One day you may tell a few coworkers about your relationship and the next day your business is throughout the entire office. Be careful how much information you disclose to these people!

Thirsty single friends

While you may not have too many of them, all of us at some point in time have had a female friend who seems to stay single and we all know that the longer you’re single, the thirstier you become. One of the people you definitely don’t need to talk to about your relationship is your single friend who is desperate for a man. It’s especially important that you don’t talk about any hardships you’re having in your relationship to this person.

Your gold-digging friend

A gold-digger cares about nothing except for finding a man that has money and is looking to spoil her. Even if you’re extremely close to this woman, don’t expect her to give you solid advice about your relationship. She may even lash back saying that you need to break up with your current man and that you should just find someone who is looking to pamper you; problem solved.

The mutual friend

Once you’re in a relationship for a while, it’s likely that you and your man will have a few mutual friends who you both know very well, like, and trust. Though it would make sense to talk to your mutual friends about your relationship, sometimes mutual friends may not be your best bet. A mutual friend may try to get in the middle of things or this friend may feel as if he/she is put into a really awkward situation.

Your feminist friend

Similarly to a friend who is single and bitter, a feminist friend is going to give you some pretty similarly biased advice. A feminist friend will tell you that you shouldn’t even be in a relationship or that you need to find ways to make sure that you’re really wearing the pants and making all the decisions. This friend won’t do you much good, especially during the lows in your relationship.

Your man’s friends

So you and your man have hit a rough patch and you really want to talk to his friends to see if there is anything that they have noticed. While this makes sense at first glance, talking to his friends about relationship problems can be extremely awkward, and some of his friends may outright refuse to talk about things. Men especially don’t like talking about relationship problems behind their friend’s back.

The friend who can’t pick one man

If you’re looking for quality advice, there is one friend who you don’t want relationship information from: a friend who can’t seem to stick to one relationship. What kind of quality advice could this type of woman give to you? It’s unlikely that you’ll get good advice from a woman who jumps around from man to man in efforts to not be single.

The friend who settles for anything

Sadly, there are some woman out there who have settled for a lot less than they deserve, and it’s likely that you have at least one of these women in your inner circle. If you’re expecting good relationship advice from a woman who has settled, think again. This woman will only tell you what she knows, and since she’s someone who has settled, she’s probably looking at things through some seriously rose-colored glasses. Refrain from relationship talk with this friend.

A judgmental friend

Judgmental friends are the worst and when you’re around this person you are always sure to only disclose certain information. On one hand, a judgmental friend may be overly harsh but at the same time this friend may be the one who gives you some pretty decent advice. In any case, a judgmental friend may make you feel even worse about an already bad relationship.

The parents

No matter how close you are to your parents and no matter how close your man is to his, there are some things that are best kept between you and your man. There’s no need to tell them the dirty details and there’s no need to talk about every single argument that you two have. Feel free to give your parents an overview but there’s no point in giving them a novel.

Young adults

Maybe you have a sister who is 15 or a cousin who is around the same age and you’re itching to talk to someone about your relationship. While you may be close to these people, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll get quality advice from someone who has very little experience and success with dating and relationships. If you want to vent that’s one thing, but prepare for your information to spread to several people.

Your in-laws

Getting unbiased advice from your in-laws is like asking for a dog to never bark. If your relationship has gotten to the marriage stage, be sure to keep your in-laws in on things but don’t go to them expecting good advice. It’s likely that even though they’ve welcomed you into the family, they are still biased towards supporting and backing-up their son. The same goes for your parents.

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