Royalty Vs. Ratchetness And Other Messy Moments From LHHNY Episode 7

December 10, 2013  |  
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Dare we say it, but last night’s episode of LHHNY wasn’t that bad. Of course bad for these folks is like atrocious for the average American citizen, but all in all the ratchet, or shall we say royalty, was kept somewhat to a minimum. Here are some of the mildly messy moments from LHHNY Episode 7.

So Saigon and Erica are cool again

These two are worse than chicks on these shows who brawl in the street and then meet up at brunch the next morning to say sorry. We know we missed last week’s episode, but we’re still having a hard time figuring out how after the father of your child calls you a hoodrat and a big booty b!tch (on top of blaming you for your son’s developmental delays) you can walk into a studio and greet him with a smile, like “hey boo.”

And Saigon, spare us the tales of your daddy not being ish as an excuse for your lashing out. Both of y’all have got to do better ASAP.

Suddenly Peter wants to be a good dad

In one of the most ironic of statements made all season, Peter tells Amina he’s been staying at Tara’s house because he wants to be there when his kids wake up in the morning. Does anybody else recall Peter having no problem staying the night at Amina’s when he was actually still in a relationship with Tara? Now all of a sudden you want to be a stand-up father?

Unfortunately, that’s not even the worst of the dysfunction because as Peter explained his suspect intentions to Amina she retorted that she doesn’t want Peter staying over there, but more importantly she wants to meet his kids. So we just marry people without even knowing their offspring and introducing our kids to them? These children deserve so much better.

Blogs are ruining K. Michelle’s life

We know some websites can get out of hand when it comes to spreading rumors and telling all sorts of business for the sake of traffic, but can we acknowledge that K. Michelle makes herself an easy target? Perhaps those tears would’ve went over better had she not built career on cussing people out at the drop of a dime. Who believes anything they see on MediaTakout anyway?

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Cyn continues her ultimate come up

In our very unscientific Twitter poll last night we found out we’re not the only ones who think Erica is being gay for pay. But the truth is the real hustler here is Cyn. How does a girl whose life dream is to eat Chipotle 365 days a year suddenly find herself on reality TV, making business decisions for her girlfriend of 2 hours, and traveling to Panama all for the sake of a wack story line? Y’all did catch when Erica told Cyn “I think I got a partner for life” and she didn’t return the sentiment right?

Apparently Saigon was right

Despite his poor delivery, it appears Saigon was actually right in speaking up about his son’s development. Last night we saw Saigon and Erica Jean during a visit to a child psychologist, after visiting several doctors, including a pathologist, who told the parents their son isn’t being stimulated on an everyday basis. The psychologist when on to say that sometimes instead of using his words, their son acts out physically, which is no doubt a learned behavior from the example set by Erica and Saigon. Let’s hope daddy’s as passionate about helping his son progress as he was about finding out what’s wrong.

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This is what we meant by K. Michelle being an easy target

While K., Yandy, Amina, and Peter were out to dinner, K. Michelle boldly asked Peter when was the last time he slept with Tara and Yandy did him no favors when she responded, “You think he’s gonna sit here and tell you in front of his wife that he slept with Tara three weeks ago?”

Just so we’re clear, we have no sympathy for Amina — and the fact that Peter made no effort to deny sleeping with his ex — but who pulls that kind of messy stuff and then expects people to feel sorry for her when a blog starts a random rumor? Only K. Michelle.

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Tara’s still sleeping with Peter unprotected

So it’s bad enough Tara is still having sex with Peter — we know it’s hard to let go sometimes — but what we don’t understand in any way, shape, or form, is why she’s sleeping with this man unprotected. Tara told Yandy that in the last two months she’s taken two Plan B pills, which means she’s smart enough not to have another child by this man, but dumb enough to expose herself to STDs knowing he’s sleeping with his wife as well. Also, she does know Plan B is not a substitute for birth control right?

Oh how the tables have turned

Remember back when Amina would whine about Peter treating her like a side chick? Now Tara is doing the same — all because she foolishly decided to still sleep with the creep that is Peter Gunz. The she decided to roll up on him on the basketball court and set him straight for wearing a wedding ring. Um the man is married and, sorry boo, but you actually are the side chick now.

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Royalty or Ratchetness?

We’re not really sure who the royalty is either, but since Peter Gunz made this statement we know he assumes he is. The rapper got all buck with Rich Dollaz over that Erica Mena drama last week and decided to ask Rich to choose between royalty and ratchnetness. Knowing Rich we can assume he’ll go with the latter.

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