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We cover fashion daily but we rarely tackle the garments you wear every single day: your undergarments! When we recently learned that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, we knew that we (and many of you!) needed answers. How can one ensure she is wearing the right size bra? And how does one measure herself correctly?

We also discovered that 27% of women say they have decided against buying a clothing item because they simply didn’t have the right bra to wear under it. And come to think of it, we’ve been guilty of doing the same. To prevent your bra woes from getting in the way any longer, we turned to Kay-Lin Richardson, sales director for Panache Lingerie. Keep reading for her must-know tips to our burning bra questions!

1. Studies show that most women aren’t wearing the correct bra size. How and why does this happen?
Most women stick with the number they know – this can be a size they wore when they were first fit or when they bought their first bra, or it can simply be the size that they found at a store and were able to “fit” into – without regard to how a bra should actually fit. Just because the bust can fit into the bra doesn’t mean that it’s doing its job to lift and support! Then, many women get so used to the way the bra feels on their body in that (incorrect) size because they don’t know what a proper fit actually looks or feels like.

2. How do you know if you’re wearing the right or wrong bra size?
A bra fitting with a professional is the best way to know you are in the correct size. But, if you have any of the following issues, your bra is telling you it’s the wrong size:
– cups are wrinkling
– underwires stand away from the center of your chest
– breasts slip out the bottom of your wires
– band rides up your back
– straps dig painfully into your shoulders
– breasts bubble over the top of your cups (quadra-boob)
– underwire sits on top of your breast tissue at the side (it should sit behind your tissue).

3. What are the key factors to look for in the right-fitting bra?
Cups should be smooth, underwire should sit flush against the chest wall, breasts should be fully encapsulated but with the underwire sitting behind the breast tissue at the side, band should be very firm and even around the torso, but not so tight that you can’t breathe. But remember, bands will stretch over time so you don’t want to buy a bra with a band that has too much give or it won’t support the bust the way it should!

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