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We’ve talked until we were blue in the face about Stephanie Smith. She’s the New York Post writer who was inspired by a joke her boyfriend made that he would propose to her after making him 300 sandwiches, and went on to start a website showing off her crafty and mouthwatering creations. All the hoopla behind her boyfriend’s request (which we know, and always knew he was joshing her with) landed the couple on “Today,” and has since helped Smith get a lucrative book deal. Smith is clearly winning, whether or not she ever marries her man, but according to her boyfriend, he has every plan to propose, but he wants the public to help him find the best way to pop the question. In a special column he did for the New York Post, Eric Schulte had this to say:

Now, a year and a half in, and with less than 100 sandwiches to go, not a day passes without yet another fresh reminder from friends, family, or random people in the queue at Citarella that we creep closer to the finish line, that I’d better be ready, and that now there’s a crowd watching. (“Yes, I’m aware. Thank you.”)

Few things are more nerve-rattling for a young man than preparing to propose, but having been grilled regarding when I’d pop the question by Matt Lauer on “Today” brings this fear to a whole new level.

I already know that in the eyes of the public, the stone will never be flawless enough, the ring never shiny enough and the proposal never perfect enough to satisfy the impeccable taste and boundless prowess of Internet commenters.

And after 300 tasty, lovingly made and beautifully documented sandwiches — a herculean yet unnecessary gesture — how could I possibly measure up? How could my proposal be thoughtful, original, memorable and beautiful enough to equal or surpass the scale of effort she’s given me?

He went on to joke about having his original idea of proposing at a ball park with an orchestra there to perform stolen by Kanye West, and rattled off a few other quirky ways to pop the question. A few incorporated 300 things (including “300 John Cusacks with boomboxes overhead”), but in the end, he wants you (yes you) to help him come up with something beautiful:

“…I hereby request the creative genius of the all-knowing and infinitely wise Internet: Tweet me your ideas at@mr300sandwiches and help contribute to the greatest proposal extravaganza ever. After 300 sandwiches, only something that even Yeezy hasn’t done will suffice.”

And you know people have already started to share their ideas. Whatever he decides to do, I’m sure the couple will share it with the world, because Smith has already responded to his piece on her blog, and she’s a little disappointed.

E wrote in his essay today that he’s been contemplating what his engagement performance should be…I think the John Cusacks could be cute.

Additionally, sources tell me he’s also consulting guidance on the ring as well. I overheard him talking to friends of ours during Thanksgiving about “buying one of these” as he waved his left hand in his face. The day after, he asked me what type of ring I’d like for myself. “I just want to know for the future,” he said. “Do you want a square or round stone? What type of setting do you want?” I almost dropped my dinner when he asked.

Am I happy? Am I excited? Do I feel like our engagement is just a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches away?

Actually, I feel disappointed.

She didn’t go into why she felt this way, maybe because the surprise factor has been destroyed, but when she gets that ring I doubt she’ll feel “disappointed.”

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