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You’ve been talking to a really great guy recently and you absolutely love and cherish the time that you two spend together. Becoming exclusive has been a topic of discussion and you think that you two have a bright future ahead. However, the more you start falling for this man, the less you feel cared about and liked by him. Here are 14 signs that he isn’t feeling you as much as you are.

You put in most of the effort

When you take a step back and look at things between the two of you, you quickly realize that the relationship is definitely one-sided. You make all of the plans. You surprise him with small gifts. You’re the one who makes sure you keep in close contact. On the flip side,  this man puts in very little effort to show his emotions and desire for the relationship.

Your thoughts are all over the place

One day you think that this man likes you as much as he likes you and then the next day you’re wondering whether or not you’re going to hear from him. When your thoughts contradict themselves almost daily, this is definitely a huge sign that your heart, mind, and gut are in some sort of dispute. When it comes down to “he likes me, he likes me not,” chances are he doesn’t like you as much as you do.

He rarely contacts you first

In the past and even now, you have always been the one to initiate contact. You text him throughout the day; he very rarely calls or emails you first and when he does reply, he doesn’t put a lot of effort into it. If it wasn’t for you, the two of you would rarely speak. This is a huge sign that he isn’t feeling it as much as you are.

He makes plans without confirming with you

Unlike you, this man has already made plans for the next two weeks to do a, b, and c with d, e, and f. However, before you make any plans with anyone, you make sure that these plans do not conflict with those that you two have together. When a man isn’t feeling it as much as you are, he’s less likely to be as considerate.

You haven’t met many of his friends or family members

When a man isn’t feeling it as much as you are, it’s unlikely that he’ll go out of his way in order to introduce you to his friends and family. Maybe you’ve met a few of his friends and his parents a few times, but for the most part, his social and family life is a complete mystery to you. While you’ve taken him to meet your family and spent time setting up plans so that he can meet your friends, he hasn’t reciprocated at all.

You think of ways to make him see what you see

A good portion of your day is spent thinking of ways that you could convince this man to see and feel exactly as you do. You try to come up with ways to make him see that you two would be perfect together and that you could be happy alongside each other. If you spend time thinking of ways to convince this man, then clearly he isn’t as into it as you are.

He sends a lot of mixed signals

Men are known to send mixed signals but after some time these signals should become a lot less confusing. As time passes it should become clear whether or not a guy likes you or not. However, when a man isn’t feeling it as much as you are, he is more likely to send you mixed signals as he doesn’t want to commit but he doesn’t want to say goodbye just yet either.

You feel out of place

Some people have extremely busy lives, but when it comes to this man it seems like his life never slows down. While he can and should make time for you, he rarely does so. In return this makes you feel as though you don’t belong and that there isn’t much room for you in his life. If a man truly cares about you and likes you, he’ll do whatever he can to ensure that he makes time for you.

You try to rationalize the negative

When a man isn’t feeling a relationship as much as you are, he probably exerts all sorts of negative feelings as well as negative or confusing actions. Even though it’s pretty obvious that he isn’t as into it as much as you’d like him to be, you instead try to rationalize things and hope that he’ll come around.

He always leaves you wondering about everything

He never provides you with an answer and the words “maybe” and “I don’t know” and probably high up in his dictionary. At the same time he also leaves you wondering about his emotions and thoughts. When a man isn’t that into you and everything is left for you to figure out, there’s definitely a huge issue at hand.

He stays at the surface of things

During your time together this man has rarely had a deep conversation with you. Instead, he prefers to stick to topics that aren’t too emotionally or mentally involved. Men are known to be standoffish but when you have been talking to a guy for awhile, his walls should drop, at least a little. If a man stays guarded, he just may not be feeling it and refuses to let himself become vulnerable.

He doesn’t like talking about the future

Whenever you mention the future or if you ever talk about making your relationship a more meaningful one, this man either changes the subject, has very little to say, or ignores the topic completely. A huge sign that a man isn’t feeling it as much as you is when he refuses to talk about a future or make concrete promises about the future with you.

He’s 100% against PDA

Some men aren’t comfortable with PDA just as some women aren’t. However, if you two are serious about each other then there should come a time when you’re both comfortable enough to hold hands in public or to kiss each other every once in awhile. If this man refuses to show any type of public display of affection with you, then he may not be all that into you.

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