Porsha Says Kordell Used To Shake Her And Kenya Is Officially Crazy As Hell: RHOA Recap

November 18, 2013  |  
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Last night was another juicy episode of RHOA! Police were called, folks went into surgery, and Porsha is now out here claiming that Kordell was shaking her during their marriage. What in the hell is really going on in Atlanta!? Let’s take a look at last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta and see!

Another Person Close To Kandi Has Their Doubts About Todd

If Mama Joyce isn’t out here calling Todd everything but a child of God, Kandi’s manager, Don Juan, is all of a sudden worried that her marriage to him will affect HIS own livelihood. He tells her that he’s not sure where or how he’ll fit in once she walks down the aisle, as he thinks that her wifely duties might have an impact on her business ventures. But Kandi reassures him by saying that one husband ain’t gonna stop no show. She loves Todd, but she loves making money too, so that’s not going to stop. These folks can’t stand to lose their meal ticket!

Gregg Tries To Turn Out An Out-Of-Work NeNe Into A Real Housewife

After The New Normal was dismissed from NBC and the folks at Glee pushed back her filming schedule for her recurring character, NeNe finds herself stuck in Atlanta having to be an actual “housewife.” Of course, there’s nothing fabulous to her about sweeping floors and cleaning house–exactly what Gregg wants her to do. NeNe basically says “her life is over,” and makes it clear in her confessionals that she’d rather be nabbing acting gigs in LA than playing “Molly the maid” (her words) at home. Too bad, Gregg is absolutely loving it.

Cynthia Has Surgery, Peter Takes Care Of Her, And They Talk About Sex (Or a Lack Thereof)

After much pain, tears and laughs from Peter, Cynthia finally gets surgery for her fibroids, and the whole process has her shaken. Folks are trying to get her ready for the possible worst, and Peter has a pre-pubescent boy moment when Cynthia is asked if she shaved her lady-bits before the procedure. Grow up, bruh.

Once the surgery is over, Peter takes her home and helps take care of his wife (along with Cynthia’s mother), which everybody is surprised and impressed with. But of course, he gets ready to bolt out the house just when we get our hopes up, and before he goes, he has a conversation with Cynthia about being there for her, being happy that she had her surgery so she can stop being a Debbie Downer, and their sex life. He says that he’s basically ready to get back to doing the damn thing like rabbits now that she’s sought help for her fibroids, but she says that as she heals, and being the busy woman she is, once a week is good enough. And yes, she was dead serious.

Porsha Gets Her Stuff From Kordell, And It’s Tore Up From The Floor Up

We told you last week that Kordell decided that instead of letting Porsha get her own things from his home, he would send them to her mother’s house. Unfortunately, when he sent her home goods and “cloths” (aka, clothes) to her, he basically threw them in a box, causing some of her things, including the corset of her wedding reception outfit to be torn. In a moment of hurt, Porsha tries to insinuate once again that Kordell is gay, gay, gay by saying, “This is something a queen would do who” and feeling that he’s trying to send her a message, “woman to woman.” Okay Porsha, girl, we get it…got it two episodes ago.

Kenya Moves Out Of Her Rented Home, And Says Her Landlord Is Just Jealous

Somewhere else in Atlanta, Kenya Moore was packing up her stuff and moving out of her place after a bitter court battle with landlord Conya Dillon. Deciding to move out early, Moore told folks that she was given until 5 p.m. to pack up all her stuff and get the steppin’. While packing, Moore tells her assistant Brandon that her former landlord tried to slander her because homegirl wanted to be friends and Kenya wasn’t having it (even though she brought Dillon with her to an event in the past). She basically called the girl jealous, and then broke out into a rendition of “Don’t Come For Me Unless I Send For You” while twerking all over the house. Hey, at least it’s not “Gone With The Wind Fabulous.”

Phaedra: It’s A Photo Shoot! But Apollo Is Grumpier Than Their Newborn

Dressed like “black angels” in all white for a photo shoot, Phaedra is trying to get her family together, including her third child Apollo, so that they can cheese it up for the camera. Unfortunately, chaos is ensuing all around our favorite Southern belle. Apollo is peeved that they’re even doing the photo shoot as he claims he just got home and doesn’t want to be bothered (and is sick of Phaedra acting like she’s right all the time). On the other side, those there to help Phaedra with baby Dylan are struggling as she asks for help getting a bottle for the baby. Folks are pouring out milk and receiving her wrath rather than her appreciation. Eventually, the photo shoot goes off without a hitch and Phaedra doesn’t have to cut Apollo and her helpers…for now…

An Unenthusiastic Riley And Kandi Talk About Todd, Mama Joyce, And Marriage

These two had a mother/daughter moment where they talked about everything going on in Kandi’s life. While Riley said that she has absolutely NO feelings about her mom’s upcoming wedding, she did provide support to her mom by saying that maybe Mama Joyce might back off her love life once Todd and Kandi are married. Riley even said that she encouraged Mama Joyce to be nice to Todd, and that she never told her grandmother that she didn’t like him. In the end, Riley is in her mom’s corner, and seeing that she’ll have to live with the man, her opinion is one of the few that actually matters.

Porsha Talks Possible Domestic Violence In Her Marriage To Kordell

Kandi later goes to visit Porsha at her mother’s house to check on her, and before she knows it, Porsha is breaking down about the way Kordell has treated her and her property. When Kandi goes on to say that their marriage couldn’t have been that bad because at least he wasn’t putting his hands on her, Porsha gets quiet. And she’s quiet for at least 10-15 seconds. Porsha finally responds by saying that he shook her from time to time, but that was about it…After that dark and awkward moment ends, the girls go through Porsha’s sex toys and realize that her Ben-Wa balls are missing and that Kordell probably kept them. Yes, it’s yet another insinuation that Kordell is gay.

Kenya Wears Her Landlord’s Wedding Dress And Is Officially Crazy

I’ve tried to stick up for Kenya’s kind of crazy, but she might have taken things too far this week. While packing up her boxes in her home, she finds one that isn’t hers, and inside there is a wedding dress that she claims is her landlord’s (which I don’t know if I 100 percent believe it). Instead of just clowning it for its Dynasty-esque look and putting it back, she puts the dress ON, proceeds to walk down the stairs like she’s getting married, and dances around the house in it. That’s just mad gross, disrespectful and plain ‘ol crazy.

Kenya Gets The Po Po Called On Her And Is Described To Them As “Contacts And Implants”

Though Kenya claimed she had until 5 p.m. to get her stuff and hit the road, her landlord comes out of nowhere and starts cursing like a sailor at her and her people, telling them to get “the f**k out!” She eventually calls the police, claiming the reality star only had until 3 p.m. When she described Moore to the police, she said she was black, a female, medium build, tall, with weaves, contacts and implants. Woop! Now that’s cold-blooded. In the end, Moore gathers her things before the police can say anything to her and concludes that her landlord is a crazy mess. Look at the pot calling the kettle black…



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