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Hot 97 just had all the big interviews this week! Angie Martinez sat down with Idris Elba yesterday to talk about his new movie, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, and in the midst of talking about the leader’s iconic life, Martinez got a little personal with Elba. The actor spoke about that scary asthma attack he had while on his way to South Africa and what his father’s recent death had to do with it, and he addressed the rumors that he has a girlfriend and is expecting a child. Here’s the tea that we transcribed for you:

Idris Elba talks about the death of his dad and his asthma attack

(Begins around the 3:30 mark)

“I’m good. Thank you, thank you for asking. It was the strangest thing to ever happen to me. You know my dad died just over like eight, nine weeks ago. My dad was no crier, no grieving type of guy so I kind of adopted that. But I think what happened to me was I sat on that plane–I’ve got asthma, I’ve always had asthma. And I sat on the plane, I was fine, I was fine all day. As soon as I sat on the plane [breaths deep] I suddenly couldn’t breath. You know? I was like, ‘What is going on here?’ Then it was like, boom! When asthma hits you your lungs, it feels like you’re in a bit of water and you’ve got this much air to breath in and it keeps creeping up. That’s what asthma feels like. They took me off the plane cause it was on the runway…took me to the ambulance and I went to the hospital. You know, thankfully, I’m all right. Asthma is one of those things if you’ve had it for a long time, if you don’t panic, you’ll be okay. But it was really shocking for me…Doctor said, ‘You need to chill.'”

How He Deals With All The Attention From The Ladies

(Begins around the 6:00 mark)

“Um…it’s a blessing. It really, really is a blessing to get that much love. I don’t understand it though, I’m not going to lie. I mean, it’s a blessing, especially as an actor, it’s nice that you have a female fan base. I have a great female fan base, but I’ve never understood it!”

Around this part, Martinez gave Elba the opportunity to speak to his fans who called in. Of course, they wanted to know if he was really off the market, and what the deal is with the baby rumors. He tiptoed around the latter question.

On If He Really Is Dating Someone

(Begins around the 7:50)

Elba: “Am I dating anyone? Yes, I am.”

Caller: “That’s unfortunate…”

Elba: “Okay, I’m sorry [laughs].”

On Rumors That The Baby She’s Expecting Is His

(Begins at 8:34)

Caller: “Is it true that you’re expecting a baby?”

Elba: “I’m personally not expecting the baby, no. That would be physically impossible [laughs].”

Martinez: “Is that weird for you that people want to know your personal business?”

Elba: “Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah…I mean listen, I really try to avoid it. You know what I mean? It’s part and parcel of being in the public eye I guess. People want to know your stuff. But for the most part, listen, nobody wanted to know anything about me when I was single. Okay? Soon as you get a girlfriend, everybody’s like ‘We want to know. Who is she? We found a photo! We found her Tweets.’ I’m private, I’d like to keep it that way.”

So does it sound like he’s about to become a father again? My vote is yes. Even though I’m heartbroken that he’s been taken off of the market, I’m happy that he has such blessings in his life right now, as well as a critically-acclaimed film with Oscar buzz. You better work!

Check out the interview below for yourself and let us know what you think.


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